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Start Your First Business from Your Spare room with Outsourcing

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The internet presents graduates with many job & business opportunities. Not only is searching for a job substantially easier in 2020 than it was back in the 90’s, it is also easier to start your own business and find freelancers to help you along the way.

Starting a business no longer has to involve large startup costs either. With a professional website, you can easily run a business from home.

We have a look at what businesses you could start and how outsourcing can help reduce costs…

What Type of Business?

Thereare so many different types of online businesses that you can start with just an internet connection, that the choice can almost be overwhelming. If you have just graduated, consider using your accredited skill set to become a freelance contractor. To build your portfolio and case studies, it may be necessary toget started by offering your services for free to your first few clients. Be sure to get a quote for a case study example for your website and if possible a positive review on Google and Trust pilot.

If you want to start your own eCommerce store, drop shipping might be a good option if you don’t have storage space at home. With drop shipping you can populate your eCommerce store with thousands of products; when an order is made; it will be passed directly to the manufacturer or distributor who will fulfil the order for you.

Itis also possible to earn a living with blogging. It can take a lot of time and effort to get started with blogging, as the competition is so fierce. However,if you can create some outstanding and interesting content, it is still possible to gain traction within the Google results pages and in turn attract visitors to your site. Once you have your visitors, you can then look to monetize your blog with affiliate partnerships and ads. You can place ads on your website with a platform such as Ezoic and you can sign up as an affiliate with websites such as Amazon. With adverts you will typically earn a small commission every time someone clicks on an ad on your site; with affiliate commission, you get a commission (usually 5-15%) every time someone clicks a link from your site, to a specific retailer and goes onto make a purchase.

What Should You Outsource?

Outsourcing is a great way to grow your business without having to increase your overheads significantly. Using outsourcing can also free up more of your time to focus on the core work of the business and outsourcing can also make your business appear more professional.

For example, using a phone answering service from a company such as Moneypenny can ensure that you don’t miss any important phone calls, whilst you are in a meeting, driving or just focusing on the work at hand. It can also improve your reputation and customer service as clients and potential customers will reach a friendly receptionist rather than a voicemail. With a higher-end answering service, you will also get a dedicated receptionist, who will know your business and provide the same benefits as a full-time hire. You can also opt for a 24/7 service with some providers. Again this will provide a great experience for anyone who calls your business, regardless of what timezone they reside in.

Virtual assistants can help your business in a similar manner to virtual receptionists.For example, you could use a virtual assistant to answer your emails for you whilst you sleep. With assistants available to

hire across the World, in all time zones, you can provide all of your clients with a great customer experience. You can hire an affordable virtual assistant from sites such as or

Highly Skilled Freelancers

Using virtual assistants and receptionists is a great way to grow your business but you may also need the skills of expert freelancers to get your business off the ground in the first place. For example, on websites such as Peopleperhour and even Fiverr you can find expert graphic designers, web designers and marketers who can help to establish your business’s brand and then help you to promote it.

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Hashaam jutt

Mar 06, 2020

its very helpful for me and for all who start there new business

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