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Strategy to Crack Competitive Exams

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The competitive exams are a gateway to the top career avenues. With lakhs of students appearing for few coveted positions, the competition is intense and only a few make it to the prestigious jobs. The reason being most students prepare for competitive exams without a strategy. That’s why they fail to deliver on the D-day. This article is the strategy guide that will provide you actionable steps to prepare for a competitive exam.

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How to prepare for a competitive exam:

Enroll for coaching:

These coaching classes enhance the confidence in the student by giving them the right direction. They help you identify your strong and weak topics. Students with the help of expert faculties can prepare on the weaker sections and score well in the exam. Competitive coaching classes can help you prepare for these exams.

Get into the right frame of mind:

A psychological study reveals that if you study the identical subject at the identical time and the identical set up, your brain creates a connection and behaves accordingly. If you practice it for quite a long time, you just have to follow the time, and your brain will naturally get in the mood to study the subject.

Sync your coaching time and self-study time:

Learn the subject explained by the faculty in the coaching class when you reach home, do revision and make notes. When appearing for the exam, use the time quickly to go through notes and brush up the information.

Enroll for test preparation:

Test preparation is immensely important. It teaches students to manage their time. It also helps students to understand their paper solving pattern and weaker sections.

Practice test:

A very important part of studying for a competitive exam is to practice tests. Competitive exams have different parts. This is very important to track your progress too.

Essay practice:

If the test includes essay writing, you should practice it within the allotted time. Planning and writing essay needs a lot of practice to finish it within a given time limit.

Areas of study:

A targeted practice test is the key to your success in competitive exams.

Shorter study duration works better:

Psychologists suggest that students learn as much in one-hour session in four days as they can learn in one six-hour session. When you study for a limited time, your brain works more efficiently.  For memorization sessions like dates and events, math formula, do not learn for more than 15 to 25 minutes.

Work smart:

While preparing for competitive examinations, you should not count the hours and minutes spent in reading books; rather, you need to calculate the time of the focused study. To focus on studies, students should minimize distractions. They should avoid the things which may distract them.  Students cannot control all the family, but you should change your timetable. Start with the toughest subject when you are fully awake. Keep the simple topics for the times when you feel dull.

You should not study when you are sleepy:

Sitting with books when sleepy-eyed is a waste of time. For some, early morning is the time when they just can’t wake up to read. While for others, they prefer to read early in the morning compared to studying in nights.

Take small breaks:

A few small breaks should be taken. If you study too much at stretch, it may happen that you will not remember the answers during the exams.

Refresh Yourself:

Relax and take small breaks during the study timetable.  You can use this time to refresh yourself by watching a movie, listening to your favorite playlist songs. This will help you stay focused and remain fresh.

Remember the keywords:

Highlight all the keywords, whenever you are studying. Keywords are very important with the exam point of view. They help you remember the topic.


Take out time to revise, when you are getting ready for an exam. Revision really helps you remember a lot of important things during exams.

Get a proper diet:

Exam time is very important. Ensure, you take a proper diet. A lot of students don’t look after their eating habits. Take a properly balanced diet. Drink enough water.

Get enough exercise:

Give your body enough exercise. Exercising is really important and can actually help you stay healthy during the exam.

Don’t be very social:

Don’t remain too much socially active during the exam. Utilize that time in studies.  It doesn’t mean that you should completely get yourself into isolation.

“Undivided focus, cognitive clarity and sincere, distinct intentions play a more important role. Remain positive and have faith in yourself. When everyone else can do it, then surely you can do it too.”

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