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Stream Selection for Further Studies for CBSE Students

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So, you worked hard, sat for CBSE class 10th examination and got your CBSE 10th result!

Now the next big question, which almost 90% of students have, is, which stream to select for higher studies? Furthermore, what will be the career options available to you?

After CBSE 10th result 2019, students have to take admissions in class 11, in which they are given three options i.e. Science, Commerce, and Arts (With few combinations of optional subjects).

To some students, to select the right stream for class 11 and make a career in, is quite clear. However, for most students, it is a question mark!

Let’s Talk of the Factors in Play

There are many factors in play when choosing a stream like:

  • Area of interest
  • Marks obtained in class 10th result
  • Family and peer pressure
  • Financial status
  • Career options

So, after evaluating these factors one must make his/her selection. Now let us talk about each of these streams.

Science: This stream pertains to the fields of engineering and medicine. If these areas fascinate you, then you can choose science as your stream. You will study subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Biology under this stream.

Commerce: Till recently, science was the mainstream. But today, commerce is considered equivalent to it or even better! For a student, the field of Commerce opens the doors of opportunities in the spheres of trade, business, and commerce. Furthermore, commerce students can also work in law and financial areas. Similarly, they have to study subjects like accounts, business studies, and economics.

Humanities/Arts: While the above two streams are somewhat limited in career options, the Arts stream is most versatile of all. This stream is related to the study of Geography, History, Languages, Human Resources, Journalism, Sociology, Political Science, etc.

Things you should keep in mind

  • It may happen that you select one stream, but your marks reflect you are good at another. Therefore, you should select the stream matching with your area of interest and not the one bringing you good scores. Hence, selecting a stream only on the basis of good scores isn’t suggested.
  • Never take a decision because your parents have told you or because your best friend is going for another stream. It may make sense in starting, but down the line, you may face a lot of difficulties. These difficulties may arise in the spheres of studying, keeping focus and using your full potential.
  • You may not be sure with what career path to choose. Hence, you should choose a subject that you enjoy reading and understanding. Students of science can go for both engineering and non-engineering fields. But it is not possible with commerce and arts stream. Science is thought to be suitable in this case as after 12th you can choose any career path.
  • Take a meeting with a career counselor, for having a consultation for your career. Probably, a career counselor may be the best guide for you after knowing about your traits of academics and personality.

Post-Result-Declaration Activities

Once, the CBSE results for class 10th get released, one should not take a decision instantly. They should evaluate the entire three streams and discuss it with their parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, seniors, and career counselors. This year, the CBSE 10th result is expected to get released sooner than the previous year. This will give the students more time to take decision for taking admission in class 11.

A student going for higher studies should know that there are various options other than going for class 11 admission. You can do a diploma like Polytechnic, ITI, and other government-approved certification courses like CCC, BCC, O level, etc. Moreover, along with it, you can do schooling from open boards like IGNOU, NIOS, etc.

At last, we suggest you take this decision very carefully as it can make or break your life and career.

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