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Student Reivew: Bhavan’s H.B Institute of Communication and Management

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The first and foremost thing once you are done with your schooling and you are about to enroll yourself for further studies in some other institute, the thing that keeps revolving around you is how would be the institute ? the campus, the atmosphere,the surroundings and the most important thing how will i make new friends ?  You get moulded as per the environment you get and people you are surrounded by. The teaching and atmosphere is important in which ever institute you get enroll but to be in the good company of others is equally important too.

Talking about my experience when i got myself enrolled in Bhavan’s H.B Institute of Communication and Management, Ahmedabad  before having got the admission to pursue my Post  Grad Diploma in Journalism i also had the same mindset what would be structure and environment like? Will i be able to make friends ? Will i be able to adjust with the new scenario? Questions in my mind kept coming one by one just like a rapid fire round. Coming to the present scenario as i am now on the verge of completing my course i could very proudly say that the time i spent in my institute has been very much fruitful and it will  surely reap me rewards in my future. Those moments of life spent in the institute you come across various junctures like getting acquainted towards the institute, the staff,the faculties who come there to teach and your classmates. Moral values which is taught by your institute and the mannerism, a particular code of conduct one needs to adopt and abide by with the institute you are involved with. The teaching method adopted there and the atmosphere of your class . The knowledge provided can be very much useful in making yourself aware of every situation and develops you physically and mentally and what it does is prepares you practically to handle each and every situation.

You meet new new people daily as there are lot many other activities  taking place other than just studies  and that bring you in contact of many new faces and this is where  Public Relations come into the picture. Public Relations could be very useful in future prospect because if people know you and about you, it can turn out to be very much beneficial. Making friends being involved with good company of  people ultimately affects our style of working and behaving, but there is a exception to this if you are in touch with good people  and friends you are bound to learn good and valuable things.  For me i had my best experience of lifetime  during this phase of 1 year i made some very good friends who would remain with me for lifetime and in that one bunch of group i found one very genuine and special friend who has always taught me wonderful things and ultimately with such good company i gained lot of  good things beneficial for me in my life and this is why friends play an important part in shaping up your life. I am very thankful to my institute because unless and until i could not get admission  all the changes or i should say positive changes would not have taken place in me. It was  the platform provided by my institute for me to pursue my Journalism and gave me much required knowledge to understand about it. The rapport i have build with the institute also taught me many useful things and it will definitely help me lifetime Along with the much required knowledge it also gave me chance to make new friends which is of utmost important and now that i have opted for Journalism profession Public Relations is must wherever  you go and whomsoever you meet. After enrolling myself in this institute i got the chance  to express myself more freely and interact with people comfortably, it made me more extrovert  than what i was before and the most important thing it provided me with the platform much needed to excel and come out with flying colours  in my career.

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Kalyan Kumar

Apr 01, 2017

Good job keep it up

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