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Student Review: Sri Sri University

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Sri Sri University, situated at a small hillock somewhere between Cuttack and Bhubneshwar in Odisha is considered to be the modern times “Takshila” with focus on educational as well as the spiritual growth of a person!

It may sound unusual and a little different from all the notions that we have of a university, but this world today needs better human beings than better professionals and Sri Sri University for sure produces them by making sure that the raw individuals that come here are molded and refined into people with a 10/10 mental health score through practices like meditation, yoga and healing!

So let’s know in big short those 5 things that Sri Sri University has and will always be there USP!

  • A beautiful Campus
    With everything made out of nature, this campus is one of a sight. Situated within the boundary of 187 acres, SSU is a place where you witness beautiful sunsets and sunrise, river flowing just at back, badminton courts in natural earthen queries feet down in the earth and a beautiful environment in terms of people, teachers and studies!
  • Daily Meditation Practice
    Not each and every one of us knows where the world will lead to with all the chaos, stray habits and falling characters of our generation. Here at SSU, people are repaired. Every morning, all the SSUvians come together in a beautifully crafted meditation hall to purify their thoughts and breathes. It is a long accepted fact now that meditation and yoga have a very nice and scientific effect on the mind and the body which helps in mental and physical development of an individual. With a strong emphasis on character building and education, this place boasts about a holistic growth of people and definitely is true!
  • Osteopathy doctors healing you!
    Well, this place is for sure the land of surprises. SSU is the only college in Asia to have the MSc in Osteopathy Course. Osteopathy is the science of alternative healing that can be taken up only by doctors. So just imagine 30 full time doctors healing you every time you injure your leg or your arm without any injections or stitches and medicines!
  • Guest Faculty Like None
    How often do you listen Subramanium Swamy coming and teaching you? Or maybe IAS officers of rank 1 coming and taking lectures on Governance. Well, this is what SSU is all about. We at SSU here, boast people coming down from HBS and LSE to simple take lectures for the MBAs, the best doctors around the world for the osteopaths, Architects world renown for the faculty of architecture and lot and lots more. Besides these renowned guest faculties, student are engaged with various study tours for a real and near experience of the industry they so wish to enter in!
  • Faculties Like Parents
    Teachers here are not just your professors but your parents too. Just imagine a college where you can call your professor either with a bhaiya or didi! Many of the faculties here are international Art of Living faculties who are the best in their industry domain and life experience too. These people are primarily the reason that SSU is the happiest campus in the world. No stress is given on the students in terms of education and class routine, the professors are not just teachers, but mentor, guides and even counselors too who help you swim across any situation swiftly and with a smile!

For all those students who are trying to get into a university which is a lot more than just any college, SSU has it’s door open.  In a world full of rat race where people simply want to get the best marks and the best job, let’s be the one who want get the best of everything and above being the best human ever!
With 19 different and amazingly structured courses, SSU invites all the students who have a zeal to bring the best out in them and serve their nation.

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By Arushi Tyagi

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am de...more

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am determined to reach any heights that I dream of. less

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SaiChaitanya Reddy

Mar 30, 2017

Sri Sri university could not have provided me with a better experience of university life. The staff and students are all friendly, the course is brilliant, the social life is great and the campus provides a safe and friendly environment to live in!There are a wide range of opportunities available both socially and academically.always been very happy here, and enjoying..

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Dattahari Dash

Mar 30, 2017

Sri Sri University is the best place to study naturopathy and yogic sciences. My course is centred around high quality practical knowledge of yoga, knowledge of medical science, naturopathy, ayurveda, Indian philosophy, simple living and higher spiritual connection. It is impossible to find such a combination anywhere in the world. I am happy that I have a purpose in life. Thank you Sri Sri University for giving me the tools and techniques to become a better person and a better yogi in life.

blog image

Varshini Reddy

Apr 02, 2017

A place where I grew professionally and personally!

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Řåjvėěŕ Śíňğh Śhěmîš

Apr 02, 2017

The best university ever i have seen in my life.

blog image

kaushal borisagar

Apr 03, 2017

I have been so happy and comfortable from almost the moment I got here. For me, SSU campus is like a family. I can say it's my favorite place. SSU is the place is really welcoming everyone and for the students, it’s already becoming home. As a professor, It always makes me surprise when I am getting Students’ opinion about the SSU Campus like... “SSU campus is smart and attractive!!” “Everyone is so friendly and feeling like home.” " Like the philosophy of Learn, Lead and serve " “The atmosphere is encouraging to creative and productive learning with the combination of superlative values of eastern countries & modern values of western countries .” “This is the place where as like other Universities or institutes any students can get high-level education with the modern values but the uniqueness of this campus is to make students spiritual to become good human being and leader in the society” “SSU always encourages and appreciate individuality and gives the huge platform to explore creativity.” “ SSU atmosphere is so much conducive and feel so much like family” “It is a place of respect, friendship, and good cheer and feels like a part of world’s happiest campus .” It still gives me a surprise every time and with it only feel so much proud to be part of this Sri Sri University.

blog image


Apr 08, 2017

It is a sad place. It is suffering from the politics of AOL. It is just an eyewash. nowhere close to Takshila. Innocent People are looted in the name of Faith, spiritual development. The Director of operations, Narendra Lamba and VC Nand Lal have made it a place to play their dirty power politics and satisfy their ego. Even Sri Sri Ravishankar doesnt intervene.

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