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How Students Can Improve Their Concentration in Studies

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The Problem of Concentration

It is a fact that college and university degree programs contain ample students who struggle with the prospect of concentrating in the class. This case only worsens in tedious and challenging courses requiring a conceptual and thought-provoking mindset.

Many students admit that they have a problem concentrating in the class, but don’t know how to tackle the issue. This is quite a big problem especially prevailing in college and university life where the ever-increasing academic and campus obligations make it easy for the student to tip him off the learning scale. You may like to read, Two Major Types of Concentration Problems Affecting College Students.

Although there are many promising and brilliant strategies to help you in this regard, as for this discussion, we are going to talk about the one that lies in the motivational and organizational aspect of the student’s psychology.

A Motivational and Organizational Strategy

It’s not about following some rocket science tips to make your brain attentive once again in the lecture. Rather the students should cater the following points and experience the change themselves.

Fabricate Interest in the Work

If you are not interested in the subject matter delivered by the teacher during the lecture, obviously, there is little or no chance you will be able to focus. You concentrate well when you develop an interest in the subject. For example, let’s say you are about to attend the class of differential calculus. And you have no interest in pre-calculus concepts or have weak foundations, in particular. It will be very difficult for you to focus on the lecture, let alone understanding the advanced theorems and their applications in physics.

Preview the Topic Beforehand

Students should devise ways to develop an interest in the course, and the focus in the class lectures will automatically follow. One of the simplest, yet effective way to develop interest is by previewing the topic prior to the class. How to preview a topic before the lecture is a different thing altogether. You can learn this skill from various online resources. The trick is to locate the topics in the chapter that attract you the most. Even locating some topics will be of great help in enhancing your motivation level, hence, urging you to read the complete chapter.

Find different ways to Consume the Content

Another way of raising interest in the task is by altering the task itself. If you see that chapters you need to read are too boring and exhausting, instead of simply ‘reading’ them, do something interesting. For instance, take notes or examine the diagrams, images, while reading. Try to write questions in the margin of the text while reading. The point is to do something that encourages you to not only read the content but also “consume” it in a meaningful manner.

Try breaking the Assignments in Chunks

When we talk about writing assignments that students are provided throughout the term or semester, try splitting the project. For example, one study session for research, second session for filtering and organizing the information, and writing and editing, and so on. This will keep your concentration sharp for a long period of time. Speaking of spaced practice, it will allow the learner to cater the reading and writing assignments at defined intervals. The aim is to keep your motivation and concentration level fresh, as compared to the mass approach. In mass approach students foolishly try to cover the entire bulk of the subject material in one session. Simply speaking, if you are not feeling like reading the entire chapter “The Reasons for the Fall of Adolf Hitler in World War 2” for the history class, reading only a couple of or three topics in one session will be less boring and tiresome. Switch to a different activity and come back to resume the task.

The point to understand is that keeping your concentration up and running helps you in multiple ways. It not only helps you keep your focus intact on the class but also assists you in retaining the information. Check out this excellent article on Concentration and Memory.

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By Lara Hawkins

Lara is a professional blogger and has the experience of conducting various field related seminars and workshops worldwi...more

Lara is a professional blogger and has the experience of conducting various field related seminars and workshops worldwide. Her passion is writing informative blogs for students and professionals, Lara is currently associated with Nonfiction Ghostwriting, which provides quality book writing services. less

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