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Student’s Guide: How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing Documents?

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Avoid Plagiarism Using These Tips

While incorporating tricks to optimize the search engine, there are other factors to pay heed to. Hence, if there is an SEO factor to avoid, it has to be plagiarism. Plagiarism is a disease that has ridden the internet for a long time. Now, worldwide professionals use Plagiarism Comparison tools to find out any copied texts in their writing. In this blog post, we will try to understand what plagiarism is, why people do it and how you can avoid plagiarism in your blog posts.

What is plagiarism?

When we speak of plagiarism right here, we are speaking of it in terms of SEO. Plagiarism is not limited to SEO. It is a common but highly unethical practice in academic writing and other forms of writing. Likewise, it has its own dire consequences. Imagine you just purchase a piece of plot. You left it there overnight. You plan on building a home there. The next day you walk in and you see that someone else has started the construction of their house there. It is crazy, right? Somebody is trying to steal your property from you. On top of that, the audacity of starting a construction project! The same applies to plagiarism. It is limited to intellectual property but it is equally wrong.

FAQs on Plagiarism

In academia, pupils conduct a lot of researches. All the students have to do a certain number of assignments for their classes in order to graduate. It may happen that someone else does these for you or you may simply copy and paste someone else’s work. But, beware! It is known as plagiarism in academic writing. It is highly unethical and if caught, can lead to suspension from the academic institute. In SEO however, plagiarism is when you copy and publish someone else’s content on your document without giving them any credits. It is a common practice today but it has consequences bigger than a lot of people assume.

What can plagiarism lead to?

It may also happen that you get caught plagiarizing in search engines. Consequently, your work will receive a bad ranking. For someone who works in SEO, this is like their worst nightmare. You don’t want your rankings to go down at any cost. On the other hand, the person or website you are plagiarizing from has the legal right to take you to the court. This amounts to your whole business getting disturbed. In order to avoid it, plagiarism should be avoided definitely. Yet it is a common practice. Ever wondered why?

Grammar Mistakes

Experts also link grammar mistakes to an increase in plagiarism content. When we don’t know the exact words to write, then we copied the content. With the help of an Online Grammar Checker tool, you can identify any kind of grammar mistakes in your work. This one of the tools that you will enjoy working with as someone who is working in the content creation industry. The job of the difference checker tool is to analyze two documents and tell how much the two documents different or similar are. This means that the more two documents are similar, the more there is a chance for plagiarism. You can put this tool to use when you are writing on a topic that you just read about on another blog. Share with the tool the two different documents and see if it catches you for plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism in your content?

Before diving into the question of why content plagiarizes, you need to realize that there is a difference between plagiarizing and getting inspiration from a blog post. If your blog is about computers and you come across this post that discusses one computer that is the best in each category of gaming, portability, affordability, and speed. From this, you choose to write a blog post on the best computers in every category. It is fine. You are not copying anyone’s content. You just read a blog post and you are trying to create a similar one for your blog. But if you go ahead and simply copy the content from that website, that is when it is plagiarism.

It is also a common practice in SEO to paraphrase content using a paraphrasing tool. This means that you are giving the same information to the viewers except you are changing the words. This is because plagiarism checkers or search engines lack the intelligence to tell what content has been recreated to fake as unique content. Search engines can only tell that two documents have plagiarized when the content is exactly the same. Now the websites that rank the highest on search engines do so mainly because of the content quality that they deliver. In the case, if the students copy the exact same content, there is a chance that they will be ranked high too. And that does happen but only for a short period of time.

Types of Plagiarism

Remember that plagiarism is not always intentional. It may be that you read a blog post and you try to create a similar one for your blog but while you do that, you subconsciously add similar information. In order to avoid any sorts of plagiarism in your blog posts, you can use the following two tools.

Remove any Copied Content

Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that is available for free. What you need to do is to share with it the content that you want to check for plagiarism. Then, give it a few seconds to browse the web. If there is any content on the web that has commonality with the one that you shared, you will be informed immediately. Plagiarism checker can be used before publishing every blog post. It is a must use tool in order to avoid plagiarism. Even for the posts that you have already published, use plagiarism checker to keep an eye out for people who are trying to plagiarize content from you.

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