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Studying supply chain management simply makes sense in the era

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When was the last time you ordered something online? Most likely, this week only you’ve placed at least one order. How do we know that? Simply because it has become such a common practice that all of us do so too.

E-commerce is big today, there is no doubt on this one. Thanks to the worldwide expansion of the Internet, it is all about ordering things online these days. Purchasing goods and services online has become a common practice among people all around the world. And, according to data from Statista, the number of global digital buyers is expected to grow to over 2.14 billion people.

In the e-commerce sector, there are two major types of business model including business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) models. Largely, e-commerce represents buying and/or selling products and services through the Internet.

Now, here comes the part when you find out why you should care about this: every company that carries out E-commerce business needs supply chain management services. Simply put, they need someone to create the product, whatever it may be, and deliver it to the point of consumption, which means delivering it to the customer or the business that will sell it to the customer.

Supply chain management represents the management of all the processes involved in transforming raw materials into final products. So, it comprises everything from product development to production and delivery, helping companies to deliver products faster and for less money. The result? Obviously, more satisfied and loyal customers and reduced costs for companies.

So, in the era of e-commerce businesses and digital shoppers, it simply makes sense to consider pursuing a career in SCM. Let’s take a closer look at why taking a supply chain management course is a great choice.

Growth of the e-commerce sector

We’ve mentioned this one already but it is crucial to help you understand all its implications on a potential career in SCM.

So, e-commerce has reshaped the retail sector, there is no doubt here. And, it will continue to do so for a long time now. But how did e-commerce become so popular over the past year?

Well, first of all, the factor that influenced the appearance of the concept of e-commerce, and later the growth of it, is represented by the evolving buyer needs and behavior. Simply put, e-commerce brings a number of advantages to the table which today’s modern consumers simply love. From convenience to flexibility, increased accessibility to a bigger array of products, and reduced costs, e-commerce has won the hearts of those who prefer ordering everything online while sitting comfortably in their homes.

On the other hand, e-commerce didn’t only grow so fast because of the advantages it brings to consumers. It was a win-win situation that also involved companies and brands that also had something to get out of sending their products worldwide. Businesswise, e-commerce opened the doors to unlimited markets and millions of potential customers from all around the world.

Now, here’s when supply chain management comes into the scene. In order for e-commerce to function and bring all these benefits to both businesses and their customers, SCM makes these processes as economical and efficient as possible.

Good supply chain management is imperative for all businesses who are e-commerce companies or deliver products online, which, we ensure you that almost every business does. In fact, data from a 2017 survey shows that 57% of companies believed that SCM gives them a competitive edge that helps the future development of the business. And, the number of companies that think so too has continued to grow for sure.

It can help companies boost customer service by ensuring the right amount of the right product and its delivery at the right time. Plus, it can improve a company’s financial position by ensuring and increasing sales flow.

Employment opportunities

Now we get to the part when you truly understand what you will be getting out of pursuing a career in supply chain management.

Getting an SCM degree is going to open many doors to employment opportunities. Since nearly all businesses rely on supply chain management in some capacity, local job availability is usually strong. And, on the flip side, in today’s increasingly globalized world, you may also be able to pursue your dream of traveling all around the world with a job in logistics.

Moreover, supply chain service and logistics jobs include diverse job occupations from operation manager to computer programmer, purchasing manager, warehouse manager, distribution managers, truck drivers. So, there’s a big array of job options you can choose from.

What skills do SCM professionals need?

A degree in SCM is imperative if you want to pursue a career in this sector. Most businesses within this industry also hire job seekers with a degree in Business Studies or MBA programs as long as the program included courses about SCM and logistics. However, graduates from specialized bachelor and master in SCM and Logistics will have a huge advantage over other applicants with a degree in Business Studies.

However, although a degree in supply chain management and logistics, or other appropriate fields, is essential, in order to build a successful career in this sector, you also need a specific set of skills that will help you be a professional. Those skills are often learned and developed during your studies.

Your skills, talents, and training will determine whether or not a career in SCM is the right fit for you. For example, the fundamental academic competencies include math, statistics, and analytical thinking. You must also have great reading and writing skills, knowledge in applied science and technology, and know all the core pillars of business management and enterprise economics.

However, soft skills are also essential to be an expert in the SCM industry. Skills such as problem-solving, decision making, teamwork and collaboration, customer focus, planning and organizing, and conflict management are all keys for a career in supply chain management.

Pursuing a career in SCM and Logistics simply seems right in our times when every business needs these services thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce. So, if you think that you have all the skills required, you shouldn’t hesitate to focus on a career in this sector.

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