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Sweet Remembrance from my Memory Book!

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Sweet Remembrance from my Memory Book

Today is 24th December and most awaited day when me and my brother are going to my grandparent’s abode nestled in scenic and beautiful, MATHERAN. The first thing early morning which really got me jumping out of my clothes was the toy train ride. My window seat facing the landscape gave me breathtaking and panoramic view of the mountains concealed with early morning fog. The chilling wind made me shiver and my teeth chatter so I kept on munching hot sweetcorn. Ah what a moment!!! The noisy engine came to a grinding halt at final train station and I excitedly hopped out of my seat as I could see my grandfather waving energetically and welcomed both of us with a warm hug. Matheran being the only hill station in India which is untouched by modern amenities like automobiles makes it lush green, clean and loaded with oxygen.

A perfect getaway from hustling bustling Mumbai. A horse ride was the only mode of reaching our bungalow which was about 30 minutes ride at the edge of the mountain range facing Prabal fort. The pony ride was no less joyful as we hustled through the main market full of shops selling chikkis, foot-ware and clothes. Our Pony in no time overtook other horses as we waved other coriders. We really had a terrifying moment when our pony suddenly jumped on his two feet and for a second we felt that we are going to hit ground but luckily, the horse-owner saved the day for us. Finally, as we crossed the woods, the monkey gang’s pranks made us laugh hysterically. We fed some peanuts to the monkeys as they lapped it up in no time. The different birds chirping sounded like nature’s own orchestra which I cannot forget. After a hearty breakfast at our place, we jumped on to the backyard garden which was full of tender green grass and beautiful flowers shining in the bright afternoon sun. The lush green trees gave us a perfect cover from strong afternoon sunshine. The garden which had a big swing, hammock and a small little waterfront facing the cliff was more than enough for us to joyfully spend our afternoon. The evening time was perfect to visit some famous points each with its own unique stories around it. The most memorable point was the breathtaking view from the Sunset point where we witnessed the different hues of the settling sun in the horizon. The night time at the bungalow was memorizing with bonfire in the background and hustling insect noise which did scare the wit out of both of us. We listened in awe when my grandfather narrated Matheran’s history right through 1850 till date when it was identified by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the then district collector of Thane district. Early morning next day our visit to Panorama point was equally mesmerizing. Sun rising above glorious mountains with golden reddish sky forming the backdrop was unquestionably a beautiful sight and made us realize how much we miss these moments in Mumbai. Next few hours we spend time lying on the cool grass, gazing at the blue sky above, hearing the chirpings of birds, immersed in the various colors of mother nature and hearing the melodious sound of flowing water made time fly like never. A beautiful lotus which had bloomed in the waterfront made our day. I also cherished the fun of reading a book while lazily lying on hammock in the woods and It was truly amazing. That evening we started our return journey and I left with a heavy heart promising to return soon. If it was my home [Mumbai] and a holiday, I would be either into the TV or playing badminton with my friends but Matheran was truly out of box experience. Trust me one should experience such visits at least twice in a year to rejuvenate oneself and cherish these priceless moments.

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Apr 02, 2017

Very well written.

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Mona Damani

Apr 02, 2017

Nice and worth to read

blog image

Kejal Doshi

Apr 02, 2017

Beautifully written!

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Malvi Daiya

Apr 03, 2017

Nice n properly written

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