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How to Tackle Logical Reasoning Questions in Major Exams like CAT

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Logical Reasoning

The process of using systematic series of steps rationally on the basis of mathematical procedure and given statements to derive a conclusion is Logical Reasoning.

Logical Reasoning is one of the core foundation for an economics and a business administration student.

Data Interpretations and logical reasoning questions seem to be the most appealing questions in exams like CAT as it doesn’t require much of technical skills to solve them. In Logical Reasoning, the basic purpose of questions is to judge your present state of mind and your ability to resolve an incomplete pattern.

The questions seem to sound simple at the time of reading but it leaves readers awestruck when it comes to solving them. The questioner wants to make sure that the readers form multiple patterns in their head for one single statement.

For example, the question would be such as:

‘7 people are sitting around a table tagging from A to G’

The reader has to figure out who sits next to whom. Clues given would be such basic and incomplete that it would initially even contradict the reader’s mind and confuse him, eventually making him spend more time on a particular question.

So, in this article, I am going to share a few tricks that will help you to tackle Logical Reasoning questions.

Readers have to pay high attention to some key words in the question, such as “all”, “some”, “none”, “other than”, “only”, or “unless”. For example, if the question mentions the word “only”, then the reader must make sure that the question is being very specific.

Be careful to not assume any pattern unless it is mentioned in the question. Most of the time we have the tendency to form small conclusions or biasedness towards unresolved things. Avoid doing that in CAT examinations.

For example, if the question says that F is between A and C. it is not necessary that A has to be on left or C has to be on right or only F has to be in between A and C.

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