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A synopsis for readers for learning about how Rohit Manglik came up with the idea of EduGorilla, his journey so far and what are his future plans…

EduGorilla- The Gorilla in the Jungle of Education

Ever wondered getting into the jive of start-ups after working for Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley and DE Shaw? It might prove a nightmare for some but not for those with defined goals. Rohit Manglik, founder, and CEO of EduGorilla is among those people who had his priorities set from the beginning. This led to EduGorilla becoming a one-stop community for students and educational institutes in a very short span of time. Now, both the stakeholders can connect, share and support one another. To describe it in one-line, EduGorilla is Practo for education.

EduGorilla, the Brainchild of Rohit Manglik

The idea of EduGorilla came to Rohit 10 years back when he visited his Alma Mater in Farukkhabad. There he was moved by the plight of the students who had almost no idea about their career goals. Also, despite the boom of coaching institutes, there was a communication gap between the teachers and students. These things led to the idea of EduGorilla.

As we all know setting up a startup is a herculean task in India! Rohit, naturally, therefore, had his fair share of challenges. But family and friends ensured their relentless support to Rohit. One of the biggest challenges was hiring suitable talent. A tier three city like Farukkhabad lacked in providing a skilled workforce for EduGorilla. Also, after successfully getting some talented interns via Internshala, managing them was a laborious job too. In the end, with some patience and virtue, everything worked out just fine.

The turning point for EduGorilla was the profiling of over six lacs plus schools in its directory. After that Rohit Manglik never looked back. With an outstanding growth trajectory year after year, EduGorilla has emerged as the one-stop destination for students’ educational needs. EduGorilla has garnered appreciation by some eminent personalities such as Sri Prakash Javadkar, the Union HR development minister of India.

Sports to Consider in His Leisure

As an education enthusiast, Rohit is not working all the time. He loves to read and play badminton during his leisure hours. He loves doing philanthropic work as well. Philanthropy was one of the reasons behind setting up of EduGorilla to help underprivileged students.

The Bookworm That Also Writes!

Rohit is very active on a wide range of platforms giving away his thoughts on the evolution of education. Some of the top platforms he is active on are like YourStory, GitHub, LiveJournal, Medium, Quora, AuthorStream, Blogger, Ted, Behance, and many more.

The Vision Behind EduGorilla

EduGorilla’s vision is to equip students with the right resources at affordable rates. Thus, this dream of Rohit aims to provide students with the means to take the best out of themselves. The mission is to create a one-stop education community that empowers students, teachers, and Institutes to connect, share and support each other.

With further funding, EduGorilla wants to scale its operations to cover more schools and educational institutes. The company is also thinking of becoming a vocational course provider and act as an aggregator for all of them. Currently, the company is aggressively hiring to fill its ranks with some of the best talent industry has to offer.

Message for Budding Entrepreneurs for Their Learning

To budding entrepreneurs, Rohit advises to always look for imbibing new things and inculcate a habit of having a read of two books every month, at least. Similarly, he believes that ethics should never be compromised, and good things come to those who wait.

In the end, I would like to state the motto of EduGorilla – “Education is our passport to the future, as tomorrow is for people who start preparing for it today”.

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