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About IAS

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) captains the Civil Services in India and crowns all the career options available in India. A profession in IAS is highly satisfying and rewarding, coupled with all the possible luxuries and powers. And that is the reason why lakhs of aspirants partake IAS recruitment exam every single time.

IAS recruitment is a year-long process that comprises three tiers of selection viz., Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview. It is an event of achievements and disappointments, of fulfilled ambitions and shattered hopes. Here, some achieve success in the very first attempt while others get that after years of failed attempts.

History of IAS in India

Braced by half a million youngsters every year, IAS or Indian Administrative Service is the ‘Indianized’ version of the colonial Indian Civil Service (ICS). Back in the British period, young educated Britishers used to write lengthy essays on European history, Greek literature and language, and alike topics and bag the job of Civil Servants in India. Then colonial India became independent India and ICS gradually gave way to IAS. The relic system of administration designed for a colonial state slowly reformed to catch up with the new democracy.

Over time, there have been many revolutionary changes in the pattern of IAS to make the services more inclusive and modern. And each year, some of the brightest minds of the country are recruited to run the now democratic India.

Why is there a halo around the head of IAS officers?

IAS officers are as revered by the Indians as any ‘Mythological Avtar’. Despite the plethora of dignified positions available in the country, the one of an IAS still carries a distinct repute and prestige. And this glory is not groundless. Indians go crazy after IAS because the job commands all the fervor, vigor, and warmth. There are umpteen number of reasons as to why IAS holds the Numero Uno position in the Indian career chart. Let’s check them out:

  • The power and prestige that IAS officers carry cannot be put to words. They are the ‘real bosses’, eligible to lead any department.
  • The constitution itself protects the IAS officers and job security is unmatched. They can only be dismissed by the President of India.
  • The monetary and non-monetary perks they receive are enviable. Right from car and house to leaves, travel compensation, and education allowances, IAS officers get it all. And the pay scale is always alluring.
  • IAS officers get the opportunity to change the lives of billion-plus people in the country. From the development of schemes to their execution, they get many chances to work upon the betterment of society.
  • Even after their service period, IAS officers get enough opportunities to work for national and international organizations and hold senior positions in the private sector.

Also, check out the Duties and Designations of an IAS Officer

Best IAS Coaching Institutes

The craze and frenzy of IAS have been ingrained into our minds by one and all. That is why lakhs of candidates appear for the IAS exam every year just to get hold of a handful of seats available. However, the journey from a dreamer to a dignified officer is full of hurdles and pitfalls. Thus, aspirants often tap the shoulder of professional IAS coaching institutes for help and guidance. These IAS coaching institutes streamline the hard work, determination, and dedication of the students with their expertise and equip them with all the tools required to break through the IAS entrance.

However, picking up the right one is not that easy especially when different IAS coaching institutes appear at the drop of a hat. Thus, we have picked out the best few from the ‘lot’ of IAS coaching centers breathing across the country.

Check out some tips for choosing the right IAS coaching institute for your exam preparation

Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi is a 43-year-old IAS coaching institute that has prepared generations of IAS, IPS, and IFS officers. Located in Old Rajendra Nagar in the national capital, the coaching center is a brainchild of Prof. P. Velayutham, an International Civil Servant. Vajiram and Ravi boasts of producing IAS toppers for ten consecutive years, from 2000 to 2009, and again in 2011, 2013, and 2015-2018. Its principles of ingenuity, diligence, and ethical values have helped the IAS coaching in sustaining its designation.

Vajiram and Ravi contributes to about half of the recruitments made in Civil Services every year. It is said that every 3 out 5 IAS qualifiers are from Vajiram itself. Students from all corners of the country flock to this IAS coaching institute to add to its list of qualifiers. Vajiram and Ravi offers the following classroom courses:

CoursesDurationTeaching hours Fee (INR)
General Studies (Prelims Cum Mains)36 weeks2.5 hours a day1,60,000


CSAT12 weeks2 hours a day19,000
Optional Subjects16-24 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000 (62,000 for Mathematics)


It also offers IAS postal courses for those who fall short of time and resources to join the regular course programs. Other remarkable features of this IAS coaching are its test series and interview guidance program that add the final touches to students’ exam preparation.

Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy is a big gun in the field of IAS coaching institutes, especially in South India. With more than 1000 selections in UPSC in the last decade, the coaching institute is a favorite go-to spot of the aspiring IAS, IPS, and IFS officers. Out of 759 qualifiers who made it through the Civil Services Exam in 2018, 126 were from Shankar IAS Academy itself.

The IAS coaching institute offers 3600 mentoring to the students to help them shape their opinions and perspectives. It boasts of housing one of the most learned faculty teams with the first-hand experience of clearing the various stages of the IAS exam. The coaching institute strictly follows the UPSC parameters and evaluates the students according to the same.

The branches of Shankar IAS Academy are spread all across southern India. You can find one in Anna Nagar-Chennai, Adyar-Chennai, Trichy, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, and Coimbatore. The IAS coaching offers a gamut of courses to the aspiring bureaucrats:

CoursesDurationTeaching Hours per DayBatches Fee (INR)Medium of Instruction
GS+ CSAT + Optional1 year2.5 hoursRegular/Weekend1,41,000


General Studies (Prelims cum Main)10-11 months2.5 hoursRegular/Weekend95,000English
CSAT3 months2 hoursRegular/Weekend16,000English
Optionals4 months3-5 hoursRegular/Weekend30,000English


Note – These courses are also available online for both domestic students and NRIs.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle

If the IAS exam has existed for centuries, Rau’s IAS Study Circle has also been around the corner for more than six decades. The IAS coaching institute carries in its repertory, thousands of success stories and alumni records. The wise walls of Rau’s IAS were created by Dr. S. Rau in 1953 as an initiative to create a benchmark coaching institute for the toughest exam of the country, IAS. Over the years, the IAS coaching has evolved as a diverse community of academicians and scholars who provide a learning atmosphere for learning and success. And the reason behind this upsurge is the institute’s passion to excel.

Rau’s IAS coaching does not run after foolhardy efforts of acquiring an encyclopedic range of knowledge or mugging up bags of tricks to outwrite the IAS entrance. Rather, it gives prominence to developing a higher degree of critical ability and intellectual ability to learn new concepts better and faster. The Study Circle has produced around 1/3rd of Indian bureaucrats since its inception in 1953.

The IAS coaching is rooted in the national capital Delhi with branches in Bangalore and Jaipur, where it offers the following courses:

Foundation CoursesDurationBatches Fee (INR)
General Studies Integrated9-14 monthsRegular/Weekend1,60,000
Optional Subjects4-5 monthsRegular48,000
Study MaterialSelf-Study4,500-9,500


Rau’s IAS also offers Targeted courses that follow its C3 (Current-Core-Concept) framework of revision and update:

Targeted CoursesMode of TestsFee (INR)
GS: Test Series (Pre)Online/Offline3,500-9,500
QIP + Test Series + Mains CompassOnline/Offline8,500-16,800
Optional Test SeriesOnline/Offline12,000
Interview GuidanceOffline500


Chanakya IAS Academy

Dedicated to knowledge and wisdom, Chanakya IAS Academy has benefitted umpteen number of IAS aspirants in joining the Civil Services. The IAS coaching institute has several things to brag about. From an enriched study material to an envious faculty, and from an effective preparation strategy to consistently remarkable results, Chanakya IAS Academy has everything that an aspiring bureaucrat could ask for. The philosophy that ‘every individual is born to succeed’ is what drives this IAS coaching institute towards excellence.

In its 26-year-long journey, Chanakya IAS Academy has witnessed as many as 4500 selections in Civil Services and the numbers are set to increase in the coming years. The IAS coaching has a good pan-India presence. Chanakya has four study centers in Delhi itself, viz. Rajendra Nagar, Karol Bagh, North Delhi, and South Delhi. Besides, it also functions in Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Dhanbad, Guwahati, Hazaribagh, Indore, Jaipur, Jammu, Kochi, Kottakkal, Patna, Pune, and Ranchi. The IAS coaching offers the following courses:

CoursesDurationEligibilityBatches Fee (INR)
One-year upgraded foundation course1 yearGraduatesBoth regular and weekend batches1,92,000


Two-year upgraded foundation course2 yearsStudents pursuing graduationBoth regular and weekend batches2,65,000
Three-year upgraded foundation course3 yearXII passed studentsBoth regular and weekend batches3,25,000
GS (Prelims Cum Mains) + CSAT + Essay1 yearGraduatesBoth regular and weekend batches1,47,000
GS (Prelims Cum Mains) + Essay10 monthsGraduatesBoth regular and weekend batches1,37,000
Short-term Programs3-4 monthsGraduates/Already prepared studentsCrash Course45,000-90,000
Correspondence ProgramsDistant learners/Working professionalsCorrespondence Course2,000-13,500


An enriched Test Series and Interview Guidance Program are the hallmarks of this institute.

Sriram IAS

Sriram IAS has been serving IAS aspirants for more than three decades. Based in the capital city, New Delhi, the IAS coaching has thousands of success stories written to its name. Sriram IAS came into existence in the year 1985 and is a renowned name in the field of IAS coaching institutes in India. The institute is quite popular for its study material and high-quality education. Sriram IAS is equipped with a highly experienced and proficient faculty team that not only covers the entire syllabus with ease but also provides the necessary brush-up.

The IAS coaching has only two centers both located in Delhi, one in Old Rajendra Nagar and the other in Kamala Nagar. Both the study centers are dedicated to IAS preparation and provide all the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to ace the IAS entrance. It has the following courses to offer to the IAS aspirants:

CoursesDurationTeaching Hours per DayBatches Fee (INR)Medium of Instruction
General Studies9-10 months2-3 hoursRegular1,65,000


CSAT3 months2 hoursRegular21,000English
Mains Optional Subject4 months2.5 hoursRegular54,000English


Besides the regular programs, the IAS coaching institute also conducts All India Test Series for Prelims and Mains and an Interview Guidance program for the subsequent stages of selection.


A different set of motivation drives different IAS aspirants. Some run after IAS for money, some for authority and prestige, and others on account of social awareness and responsibility. However, each one of them follows the same path of preparation that often goes through IAS coaching institutes. And these coaching institutes are characterized by hustle-bustle, a crowd of students, and long hours of cramped classroom study. This often takes an ugly and depressing form, discouraging the students and shattering their confidence.

Hence, it is advisable to choose your IAS coaching partner wisely and tactfully. After all, it’s the IAS entrance, the gateway to one of the most promising careers in the country; tough yet promising.

But before that, read about the common myths surrounding the IAS exam

Hope this article appealed your inquisitive palette and answered your queries. Check out some tips to crack IAS in the very first attempt.

Read to know more about IAS 2019 – Eligibility, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, etc.

The IAS coaching institute conducts an ‘Interview Guidance Program’ for those who have written the Mains exam. The interview program consists of 4 classes, a couple of mock interviews, and a personal sitting session and usually begins a week after the Mains results are declared. It intends to equip the IAS aspirants with adequate knowledge, attitude, and confidence to appear in the final interview.

The program takes into account the social traits and intellectual abilities of the candidates, their mental alertness, variety and depth of interests, the balance of judgments, knowledge of current affairs, hobbies and a lot more. It grooms the overall personality of the IAS aspirants right from their analytical ability to their lateral thinking and their logical decision-making skills.

The candidate is asked questions on national and international current affairs, his subject of study, his educational profile, hobbies, interests, and some hypothetical questions. After every session, the performance of the candidate is assessed, his strengths and weaknesses are fairly analyzed, and suggestions for improvement are offered.

Click here to know about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi uses its decades of experience as an IAS coaching institute to prepare one of the most pertinent, adept, relevant, and simulated test series for IAS entrance. It offers tests for both Prelims and Mains as well as for the optional subjects. The test series offered by this IAS coaching is revered by one and all.

It helps the IAS aspirants to benchmark their exam preparation and improve it to a level at which they can easily compete with others. The test series helps them in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses to work upon developing refined content within a stipulated time.

Prelims Test Series

Vajiram and Ravi’s Prelims Test Series consists of questions on GS and CSAT and continues from December to April. The test series confers multiple benefits on the IAS aspirants and streamlines their preparation with discipline, focus, and regularity. It makes them familiar with the exam pattern of IAS Prelims and the factual aspects of the subjects covered.

Test SeriesDetails
Duration14 weeks
Type of questionsObjective
Number of questionsGS – 100

CSAT – 80

Total marksGS – 200

CSAT – 200

ModeBoth offline and online


To provide a better understanding of the methodology of attempting and answering the questions, the IAS coaching also offers detailed explanations of analyzing the different questions. These explanations are recorded in the form of video lectures for the IAS aspirants enrolled in ‘online test series program’.

Vajiram and Ravi also publishes the total scores, negative marks, and ranks secured by the candidates on its website.

Mains Test Series

The Mains Test Series of Vajiram and Ravi stretches to 12 weeks and the tests are conducted every fortnight. The questions assess the basic understanding of the IAS aspirants on the relevant issues and their ability to analyze and project their opinions.

The test series is intended to ensure comprehensive preparation for students and make their answer polished, pruned, and exam-oriented.

Test SeriesFormat A Format B
Number of Questions2010
Pattern4 Full length Test + 8 Sectional Tests4 Full length Test + 8 Sectional Tests
ModeBoth online and offlineBoth online and offline
Who will benefit?All those who are familiar with the Mains pattern and want to practice and improve upon their answer writing skills.All the newbies who have just started with their IAS preparation or answer writing practice.


These are subjected to a two-layer evaluation process and are followed by detailed explanations and modal answers. The evaluation process assesses the concepts, structure, and language of the answers and grades them. The students can also access the best answers and best copies. They also get the option of meeting or contacting the experts for further explanations.

Test Series for Optional Subjects

The IAS coaching institute also offers test series for different optional subjects. These tests vary according to the needs and demands of the students. It usually comprises 5 sectional tests and 2 comprehensive tests.

Vajiram and Ravi offers test series for the following optional subjects:

Public AdministrationMedical Sciences
Political ScienceEconomics


Click here to know about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi offers postal guidance programs for working professionals as well as non-Delhiites. These postal courses provide the personalized academic guidance of Vajiram and Ravi to those IAS aspirants who fall short of time and resources to attend the regular classroom programs.

Through these IAS postal courses, the students can avail study material for GS and CSAT papers of the Prelims as well as General Studies and Public Administration for Mains.

Course details:

General Studies (Prelim-cum-Main) – The postal volumes cover all the major areas of the IAS syllabus. The study material is updated frequently and is usually delivered in 5-6 installments.

Aptitude Test (CSAT) – The study material for CSAT is a whopping volume of 1300 pages and includes books on –

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation Work Book
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Comprehension Work Books and Logical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning Work Book

Current Affairs Magazine – The current affairs material of Vajiram and Ravi includes the necessary current events of the entire year compiled in a set of 12 monthly magazines. These magazines are meticulously followed by the IAS aspirants.

Public Administration – The contents of this course include 5 volumes of 1800 pages covering Public Administration syllabus of the IAS exam.

Fee structure of the different IAS Postal Courses:

Course Fee
General Studies (Prelim-cum-Main)10,000
Aptitude Test (CSAT)1,200
Current Affairs Magazine1,500
Public Administration2,000
Combo Courses
GS + Current Affairs + CSAT12,000
GS + Current Affairs11,000
GS + CSAT10,500


Click here to know about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi offers comprehensive course modules for the different optional subjects of the IAS exam. The course program facilitates an end-to-end coverage of the syllabus of the chosen subject. It includes both classroom study as well as study material and answers writing sessions. The classes are taken up by subject-matter experts who offer great insights into the subjects.

Subject DurationTeaching hours Fee (INR)
Public Administration16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Geography16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Political Science & IR16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Commerce & Accountancy16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Economics16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Sociology16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
History16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Anthropology16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Philosophy16 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000
Mathematics24 weeks2.5 hours a day62,000
Psychology18 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000


Click here to know about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

The CSAT module conducted by Vajiram and Ravi is a short-term program that prepares the IAS aspirants for the CSAT paper of Prelims. The course program includes classroom teaching, study materials, and mock tests.

Duration12 weeks
Teaching hours2 hours a day
No. of classes3 days a week
FeeINR 19,000
Admission ModeOnline
Syllabus CoveredComplete syllabus for CSAT paper of Prelims
Medium of instructionEnglish


Salient features of the program

  • Extra classes are often conducted along with the regular classes
  • Students get the flexibility to choose a batch according to their convenience and ease
  • The classes are presided by subject-matter experts and are quite engaging

Click here to know more about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

The General Studies program of Vajiram and Ravi is its comprehensive flagship program that covers the entire GS syllabus of Prelims and Mains. The program is ideal for those who need to prepare from scratch and learn all the aspects of the IAS exam.

Duration36 weeks
Teaching hours2.5 hours a day
No. of classes6 days a week
FeeINR 1,60,000
Admission ModeOnline
Syllabus CoveredEntire GS syllabus of Prelims and Mains
Medium of instructionEnglish


Salient features of the program

  • The course module comprises classroom lectures, study materials, and test series
  • Apart from the regular classes, extra classes are also conducted if a need arises. Sunday is not always a holiday at this IAS coaching institute
  • Many batches are running throughout the day. Students have the flexibility to choose one according to their convenience
  • The faculty at Vajiram and Ravi is highly qualified and experienced. The proficient teachers help the students in building strong basics
  • The batches are quite large and accommodate over 700 students. This poses a hindrance in building concentration and getting individual attention

Admissions to the course are done at a ‘first come, first serve basis’.

Click here to know more about the admission procedure of Vajiram and Ravi

Founded in 1976, Vajiram and Ravi guides the IAS aspirants at every level of exam preparation. The IAS coaching caters to those who live within the boundaries of New Delhi as well as to those to stay beyond it. The institute offers the following classroom courses along with postal courses, test series, and interview guidance:

CoursesDurationTeaching hours Fee (INR)
General Studies (Prelims Cum Mains)36 weeks2.5 hours a day1,60,000


CSAT12 weeks2 hours a day19,000
Optional Subjects16-24 weeks2.5 hours a day50,000 (62,000 for Mathematics)


Salient features

Flexibility of batch timings – Multiple batches run at Vajiram and Ravi from 7:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Thus, students can choose any batch as per their convenience

An experienced faculty team – The IAS coaching houses one of the most experienced and qualified faculty teams. And every teacher specializes in his subject

Due focus on building basics – The faculty lays due prominence on building a strong foundation in different subjects, especially for students hailing from the non-humanitarian background. And that is why every 3 out of 5 IAS aspirants flock to this coaching institute

Updated courseware and test series – The study material used by Vajiram is updated annually. The students are also given current affairs material and magazines

Large batches – Average batch size at Vajiram and Ravi is 700+ students. this often leads to discomfort and suffocation during lectures

Admission Procedure

Admissions at Vajiram and Ravi are done online on a ‘first come first served’ basis due to the long trail of applicants.

  • The students need to register themselves online on the institute’s website and fill up an online form. This will generate a reference number
  • Candidates then need to pay a registration amount of INR 600, upload their photograph, and obtain a token number. The registration amount can be paid via Credit card/Debit card/Net banking and is non-refundable. Admissions are done strictly on the basis of the token number
  • Along with the token number, the candidates also receive the date and time at which they are required to report at the study center
  • The candidates or their representatives need to reach Vajiram and Ravi’s office, fill up the application form provide there, and attach two passport-sized photographs and valid ID & Address proofs
  • The fee should be deposited at the mentioned date and time of admission. In case of payment by demand draft, the candidate should be in possession of it at the time of admission. The coaching does not allow the payment of the fee in installments
  • The demand draft should be made in favor of ‘Vajiram and Ravi’ payable at Delhi with the name and mobile number of the candidate written on the backside of it

For Postal Courses

  • In case you want to opt for the postal IAS courses of Vajiram and Ravi, you need to download and fill up an application form. The application form is available on the coaching’s website
  • The fee can be paid online via Master/Visa credit and debit cards and also through demand drafts
  • The students also get the option to buy the course material from the Vajiram’s office itself. Candidates can visit the office and buy the postal volumes. The mode of payment will be the same

Note – Please note that the study material is only available in English.

Student Reviews

I joined Vajiram this year in Karol Bagh branch. Such a nice atmosphere it has got in there with large facilities. Simply sitting inside the institute will make you feel like a place only to grasp knowledge. The teaching staff is so well educated and disciplined that simply looking at them makes you respect those legendry people. Even though the institute does look very small from outside, when you get inside you will get to know such an overwhelming place it is, which only focusses on taking their students to success! Every IAS aspiring student must join Vajiram and Ravi institute of coaching – Apoorva Vishwanath 


I am an ex-student of Vajiram & Ravi Coaching in Delhi. I was there for the preparation of UPSC exam and according to my personal experience, it is probably the best Institute for the preparation of Civil Services Exams in the whole country! It has the environment of studies and sincerity and mentally prepares you to face the exams in the best manner. The faculty and staff of the coaching center are extremely intelligent and diligent who can explain concepts better than anyone else. The coaching is really too good and I recommend that if you wish success and results, then you must try to get admission in Vajiram and Ravi coaching in Delhi – Kanishq Jain


It’s the best without any doubt. Each and every faculty member of this institute have devoted themselves for their students. The teachers are very punctual, disciplined and humble. No matter if it’s raining or Delhi is burning, they will be there in the class as per their schedule. Ravindran Sir, ShivArpit Sir, Vinoy Krishna Sir, Abhey Sir, and all others are awesome in their own way! – Shubham Jain

Delhi, the second wealthiest city of India is famous for many things like food, embroidery, historical monuments, coaching institutes, important government institutions etc. May it be the street food, the pocket-friendly shopping in Chandni Chowk, coaching institutes of Laxmi Nagar, Delhi always has something to offer to everyone. Ransacked and rebuilt several times, Delhi has been the capital city for many foreign invaders. Delhi is also home to many important government institutions as well. One such body is UPSC which is charged with recruitment and every year conducts several exams such as IAS. IAS is given by lakhs of applicants but only the top few qualify for IAS training. Hence, the competition is very stiff and hence guidance of the top level is needed. Many coaching institutes in Delhi provide that necessary guidance for the same exam. Hence, we’ll be shedding some light on IAS coaching institutes in Delhi.

These IAS coaching institutes have customized their courses according to the needs of an aspirant of Delhi. The expert teachers providing educational services at these IAS coaching institutes in Delhi have shown the way to many for becoming an IAS aspirant. Besides many who are preparing by taking guidance from these IAS coaching institutes in Delhi are working professionals as well. Hence, an arrangement of weekend or late night classes is made available for such IAS aspirants as well.

IAS or Indian Administrative Services is one of the most coveted government posts. The civil services exam is held in three levels. There is a preliminary exam consisting of two objective-type papers followed by a Mains exam consisting of nine papers of conventional or essay type. Finally, there is an interview held for the personality test.

Though how much tough may the exam be, Delhi has seen many IAS qualifiers over the years. Anu Kumari, a Delhi University graduate, came second in 2017.

Because IAS is one of the hardest examinations to crack and to prepare, one needs to stay ready for the same. Every one of those eager to become an IAS officer truly needs to put in their efforts and must work very hard. So, to prepare for the same you need to join a good coaching institute where you can get proper guidance to crack the examination. Therefore, after much exploration and through research here is a list of best 10 IAS coaching institutes in Delhi.

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