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Exam preparation can be daunting and we bring to you the 7 tips used by Exam Toppers to improve their performance. While everyone’s preparation plan is unique, you can use these time tested preparation hacks to do well in your Exams. Without further ado, let’s jump into the Exam Preparation tips by Experts right away:

  1. Keep an Organized Daily Schedule

    An organized schedule for your studies ensures that you manage to cover all the areas in your syllabus well ahead of the exam without having to stress out in the fortnight before the exam.  You can chalk out which time of your day you want to devote to certain parts of your syllabus and carve out your leisure time in the gaps, too. Be sure to make your routine in such a way that it accommodates all the parts of your exam syllabus and time for revision of previous lessons.

  2. Stay Up to Date with Current Affairs for Govt. Exams

    Daily Current Affairs are an important subject for many competitive government exams like UPSC, CLAT, SSC and banking and other government examinations. To ace any of these exams, you need to keep your Current Affairs game on point and make sure your knowledge keeps pace with changes taking place all over the world. Keeping up with the sheer number of events happening around us each day in this rapidly globalizing world is an uphill task for the average candidate. Look for curated Daily Dose of Current Affairs in fields like sports, politics, administration, etc. from various newspapers and sites, so that you don’t have to go through the labor of digging up information from all over print and digital media.

  3. Practice Test Papers Regularly

    Mock Question Papers and Previous Year Question papers are vitally important to get a taste of the test and practice of papers makes you perfect. Solving papers help you get a grasp on the type and pattern of questions that are likely to come in the exam, and lets you get used to test-taking. Regularly testing yourself also helps get rid of exam jitters, as the final exam feels like just another test paper you have practiced. To make daily test-taking a regular habit for you, you can use Exam Question A Day, with free online test questions for more than 50 competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT, IELTS, KVPY and many, many more, to sharpen your test-taking skills and ensure you’re a well-prepared, confident candidate when you sit for the exam.

  4. Improve Your Weak Areas and Polish your Strong Areas

    The average candidate preparing for an exam has some areas where he/she is weak in and needs improvement. We suggest you work on improving your weaknesses through practice, revision, and discussion with your teachers so that when you enter the hall, you don’t have any chink in your armor. At the same time, don’t forget to polish and brush up on areas you consider your strengths. This is especially important when you are doing your last-minute revision, two weeks or so ahead of the exam. Keep an eye on your target score in the exam and prepare the sections in your syllabus accordingly.

  5. Find Coaching Classes around You

    The right coaching center can make all the difference between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful. Good coaching gives you an edge over self-study by providing you with focus, practice and healthy competition. That is not to say that you cannot score well by studying alone, but we think Coaching Centres provide you the correct guidance and direction and offer you study material and mock tests to prepare you for the exam. To make sure your exam preparation is truly top-notch and to have a peer-learning experience, you need to find the best coaching around you (INSERT LINK), based on reviews from actual students, seniors, and experts.

  6. Diversify Your Study Material

    Sticking to the textbook might be age-old advice, but diversifying your learning methods may also help cap off your preparation. You could try taking up online coaching to fit a more flexible routine or using YouTube videos by well-known educators or following social media groups by professors in your field. Online learning frees you from time and location constraints and provides new perspectives to your traditional learning approach.  You could also try studying in groups for feedback and cooperation and focussed preparation with your peers. Ultimately what most exams are looking for are lateral thinking and innovative approaches, and diversifying your learning approaches certainly does help you get a myriad of new perspectives on your syllabus.

  7. Gain Inspiration from Past Toppers

    Who better to take advice from than those who have already aced the exam?  Toppers of exams like the JEE, CLAT, and NEET share their Exam Preparation Tips and Strategies to help out other aspirants every year, and you could be benefitted from reading or listening to their interviews and suggestions.  Top performers in the exams share valuable recommendations of books, sites, online groups, and test paper series, and by following their footsteps you might reach the top, too!

We hope these tips help you in accelerating your Exam Preparation and taking it to the next logical step.

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Aug 19, 2019

Nice Content :D

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Rishabh Rathor

Aug 20, 2019

Thank you VVD. We hope the article was helpful for you. Keep checking us back for more such articles. Regards Rishabh EduGorilla

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Kanika Thaneja

Aug 20, 2019

Very Nice

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Rishabh Rathor

Aug 21, 2019

Thank you Kanika, We hope the article was helpful for you. Keep checking us back for more such articles. Regards Rishabh EduGorilla

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