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Teaching Geography in a Fun and Engaging Way

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Who said teaching geography to elementary students can’t be engaging? Learn how to effectively engage the classroom with games and activities.

  • Do your students grumble when you start your geography lessons?
  • Teaching geography in a more immersive and engaging way helps your students get excited to learn about the world.
  • The best teaching methods make geography interesting and relevant to the students. It helps them connect to the world.
  • Try these methods to make geography more interesting for your students.

Travel Yourself

When you see more of the world yourself, you’re better able to teach your students about those places. That firsthand experience makes it easier to bring geography concepts to life.

Cruises let you visit many places in one trip, but you don’t have to stick to the Caribbean. There is so much to love about a Greece cruise and other cruises to places around the world.

During your travels, pick up little items from different areas, so your students can see authentic artifacts. Take lots of photos and videos that you can include in your instruction.

Play Games

Geography games grab students’ attention and let them learn without realizing it.

One example is a geography hide and seek game. Give the students clues, which could include latitude and longitude of a location. The students use the clues to find the location.

Geography bingo is another option. This gets kids familiar with geography vocabulary, including different types of landforms.

Create your own games related to your current geography lessons. Playing games may help your students remember the material better.

Use Technology

Technology resources let students see different parts of the world without leaving the classroom. Videos that show different locations you’re studying help them visualize what it’s like there.

Google Maps lets kids explore the world. They can zoom in on different areas and landforms and see how locations of different places compare to one another. It helps them see how areas are different from one another.

Google Earth is even more powerful for letting students explore different parts of the world. They can click on different locations and zoom in to a street view look to see the land features of that area.

Integrate Other Subjects

Help your students master all of their studies by integrating the subjects. Working geography into other subject areas can make it more relevant.

If you’re reading a story in literacy about someone who travels, track the character’s movements on a map.

Another option is to have a world map dedicated to literacy. Every time you read a story, map any locations mentioned in the story on the map. At the end of the year, look at how many different destinations your story characters visited.

For math, have students plan a trip across the country or around the world. They can use travel distances in different ways to practice math skills as they learn about the areas they travel through virtually.

Make Local Maps

Teach your students about maps by creating your own. Have students create maps for locations that are relevant to them.

Start with your classroom or the entire school. Create symbols to represent different features.

You can also have students create maps of their homes or of the community as a whole. Turn it into a larger project by making a three-dimensional map of the community. Have students make buildings and structures out of boxes or other objects to create the map.

Teaching Geography Effectively

Teaching geography doesn’t have to be boring. Plan engaging geography activities that are relevant to your students to immerse them in the subject. Keep exploring to find more ideas that can help you in your classroom.

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