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Technological Tools to Use in Today’s Classrooms

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The growth of technology has changed the way teachers and students interact inside the classroom. Teachers no longer have to write on blackboards since they now have the means to project their lessons on a whiteboard. However, the gadget era has its adverse effects on education.

The use of gadgets inside the classroom does not necessarily have to harm student education. The easy access to technology has allowed teachers to take advantage of the dependency of students to their gadgets by digitizing their lessons as well. When teachers make their lessons in digital format, they can easily send them to their students. Students can easily access these lessons using their devices. In this way, the students no longer have to copy down notes written on a whiteboard or blackboard. There are also technology-based tools that the teachers can use that are compatible with smart gadgets. Here are some of them.

Digital LED projectors 

Projectors are useful tools to use in education. They allow teachers to project lessons on a wall or a whiteboard so that the students can easily see the presentations. Some projectors can convert any wall or whiteboard into an interactive one. The advantage of having an interactive whiteboard is that the teacher and the students can immediately have access to what was written on the whiteboard since everything visible on the whiteboard can be saved in a digital format.


Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that allows teachers to come up with creative ways to present their lessons to students. When teachers have done their Prezi presentations, they can have each student get access to it or have a frontal teaching approach by broadcasting the presentation using a digital whiteboard or a digital projector.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website that allows teachers and students to access lessons for free. Khan Academy has lots of videos, interactive games and challenges that enhance student learning and achievement. Teachers can use educational videos from this website as supplementary materials to their lessons regardless of the subject matter.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a community-based tool designed for learning. With the Google Classroom, teachers can create lesson materials and quizzes that can be assigned to students. Students, on the other hand, can use Google Classroom to ask questions from fellow students or teachers. When used with other Google Apps, this technological tool will give students and teachers a platform to manage their communication and accessibility to lesson files.


Edmodo is a social-based platform similar to Facebook which allows teachers to communicate with students even outside the classroom. The advantage of using Edmodo is that teachers can send and receive files from students as well as assess students’ understanding by creating quizzes utilizing the app.

Teachers today should know that they are teaching digitally-adept students. Therefore, if a teacher is still relying only on the chalkboard or whiteboard in the classroom to teach, then that teacher may need to be replaced with one who is tech-savvy.

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