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Ten of The Best Ways To Stretch Your Student Budget

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Being in college can be expensive even after you have taken out a loan for your tuition. The expenses for attending college can drastically increase when you add in books, weekly food, and other necessities. Once you have created the budget that you need to follow, it’s vital that you stick to it. You’re about to learn some powerful tips to help you stretch out your student budget as much as you can.

Avoid Eating Out Too Often

Going out to eat can pile up. Even a dinner outside twice a week can pile up. Going to a local fast food joint may be cheaper but it’s also not the healthiest of food choices. This is why you should learn how to cook in your dorm. It’s cheaper and can save you a bucketload in comparison to eating dinner at a nice restaurant every week.

Stay Away from Those Freeloaders

We all know those people who arrive at the lunch just to grab other people’s food, or how about those who join the group but asks a person to get them something for the night because they’re broke. Some are out here begging for dinner and spend the rest of their paycheck drinking expensive alcohol and wonder why they’re broke. Stay away from spending your money on other people.

Get A Part-Time Job

Nothing beats having a couple hundred bucks coming in every single week. It helps you be more accountable and also more appreciative of every dollar you have knowing how valuable every dollar can be.

Stop Living Large

So you get a Christmas check for $300 what do you do? You save it. You don’t use it to buy another gaming console or on a huge shopping spree. A great tip to remember is to look at your bank account several times per week so you know how much you have, what you can freely spend, and remind you to stay within your means. No need to drink alcohol every single night, go to the club, attend every party, or buy the newest fashion trends.

Happy Hours

Still wanna go out but you’re on a budget? Go to local places that have a happy hour. Why? Everything is usually half off and provides a wide range of savings. It can open the door for you to still go out and save half the cost. Most big restaurant and local hotspots always have happy hours during quiet times of the week to get business coming in.

Dollar Store

No better place to go shopping than at your local dollar store. You can shave off quite a good amount of money from your spending by going grocery shopping here than anywhere else. While everything may be off-brand, milk is still milk no matter where you may buy it.

Start Buying Used Books

Who said that you needed to get the most expensive brand new books to start classes. Used textbooks can give you the same amount of information, provided that the books have all been updated and are what the school requires you to have. Look around for books that have been passed down. The campus’ library, local bookstores, and even online may have used books for you to have.

Less Expensive Hobbies

Whatever it is that you do right now that may add to your expenses, try cutting them out and do things that are less expensive. Activities outside of your current budget should be done when you have the extra cash.

Avoid Impulse Buying

You know that feeling when you’re at the mall and you see something in your favorite store and you get it without thinking? Yes, that’s what you call, “Impulse buying.” These impulse purchases can be avoided by simply not tempting yourself and also if you’re more aware of what you’re doing. Stay focused on what you need to actually buy and avoid impulse buying.


There are ways you can shop without having to sacrifice your paycheck. Your job now is to look for coupons and other savings. There are coupons available from almost every grocery store. Learn how to be frugal and stay within your means. It can save you from making big financial mistakes in the future.

There are all kinds of college students living on the edge of their means every single day. It’s a rough life when you want to eat something but you can’t because you went out partying the other night and realized you gotta pay for other bills. Insurance, car payments, rent, phone bills, and everything in between are all things you have to pay for. As long as you live within your means, you will be better able to handle every financial situation you find yourself in.

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