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Ten tips to study well for exam

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As a student, for the better results you should prefer to study according to your learning capacity that your brain captures or understand. Cracking competitive exams is the one medium to get admission in the best university. Taking admission in the best university is the dream of every student. Preparing for competitive exam is a race against time. And only a best survival can win the race.

There are some techniques of study that I want to tell you and the first one is:-

  • Time management: – Make a list of topics you plan to do it each day. Make a time table according to your comfortness on the paper and paste it on the wall in front of our study table. Follow our study time table honestly.
  • Best time to study: -Firstly find out the peak time. By peak time I mean to say the time in which our concentration is all time high. For finding our best concentration time we have to choose whether you are a day time learner or amid night learner. It means whether you are day time learner or you need peaceful quite surrounding in the mid night.
  • Distributive learning: – Study according to your capacity. Arrange your study time table according to that, you will refresh your mind by studying every topic. Distributive learning makes your mind refresh and healthy. For good learning, do not study more than 2 hours and after every 2 hours of study take a short break of about 10 to 15 minutes for the refreshment of our mind.


  • Colorful study: – Use colorful pens in my notes to study. Try to use colors in your text as our mind react to colors more attentively then the other black and white text.
  • Many mock test’s as possible: – For cracking the competitive exam, mock tests are the most important part of your preparation. Try to apply different patterns and find which suits best according to your potential and time limits.




  • Healthy/peaceful surrounding for study: – Find a place where the surrounding is peaceful, healthy for the purpose of studies. Find the most peaceful and healthy place around before you open your books and start studying. The place should be positive for your study. There should be no negative and distraction in your surroundings, you can catch that topic more easily and in less time.
  • Eat brain foods: – To study well, eat healthy food in every 2 hours study. If you are distracted by your hunger during study you won’t be able to focus as well. To make your mind refresh and healthy eat food which is highly rich in protein, like eggs, and grains that will increase your immunity power and that makes your mind healthy. In break during your study eat light snacks such as an apple, oranges, grapes etc, that will keep your mind alert.



  • Meditation/exercise daily: – Meditation makes your mind mentally well being and exercise makes your body physically strong and healthy. Do exercise daily about 2:30 hours (exercise like power walking, cycling). If you feel like you don’t have the time to exercise 2:30 hours, then take 15 minutes walk on your trace or around your campus when you need a break. It helps you to focus better in your studies.


  • Stay away from distractions: – While studying remove all distractions. Looking at your phone or computer will break your focus and ability to study well. Stay away from all electronics gadgets which waste your time.
  • Different spaces: – Prefer to change your place whenever you get bored. By changing my sitting place you will feel energetic and fresh.

CONCLUSION: – Health plays a much bigger role in studies. So invest in your health first and then do other things.

You must have heard that life is a race if you don’t run you would be left behind. I would say a competitive exam is like a marathon….. If you don’t run you will leave behind. For that, you have to build your stamina to reach the finish line.

NOTE THAT: -One day before the exam: don’t revise every little thing you learned but read revise only the important topics. The day of the exam: Don’t panic, stay calm.

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Nida Sarwar

Mar 31, 2017

Well written article- shriya, this article will really help the students. All the best :)

blog image

Prince Raj Mudiya

Mar 31, 2017

Superb Article...It's a very Incredible and Important Article. For.....All students Keep it up.... Mr Writer...It's historical project

blog image

Shaileen Jain

Mar 31, 2017

Well done shreya All the best ...

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Apr 01, 2017

Good work

blog image

Dr. G. S. Lodhi

Apr 01, 2017

Very well written the article and all the best Shriya Namdeo.

blog image

Sun Joy

Apr 01, 2017

Very useful article.Shriya has very clearly and succinctly explained the useful tips which will surely be of help to all the students preparing for their exams. The timing of the article could not have been better with the exam season round the corner. All the best and thanks for the useful and practical tips. - Sanjay Batra

blog image

Sonu Sharma

Apr 05, 2017

Such a wonderful article. Well written Shriya.

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