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The Best Digital Marketing Courses to Help You Succeed

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The change in marketing platforms around the world is heralded with the advent of the internet. The Internet, being immensely popular with every section of people, has resulted in marketing and advertising through Digital Marketing.

If you are a person looking for a career in marketing and are also at ease with the technologies relating to the use of the internet, we advise you to go ahead for a career in digital marketing.

Given below, we present a list of the top 5 Digital Marketing courses that are globally popular. Pursuing these programs can render you extremely well equipped with the necessary skills required in the field. So, happy studying and learning from this article about how to learn digital marketing!

Full Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program by Simplilearn

This Masters Program has been organized and formulated by experts who present it via the Learning Path. Following the path allows students to learn the necessary skills needed in the sphere of Digital Marketing.

First, the program prepares you by embedding indispensable marketing skills in you through the DMCA course. The course provides a full-fledged grasp of the basic concepts and principles of Digital Marketing. An assimilation of progressive skills in paid marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization and dealing in social media follows the Digital Marketing Course. One essentially requires an expertise in these skills to become a successful professional dealing in the techniques of Digital Marketing.

Besides, there are the optional programs of Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Conversion Optimization. The voluntary programs can provide you that extra edge in leading the selected field of Digital Marketing.

In a nutshell, the highlights of the Full Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program are:

  • First, a study in the basics of Digital Marketing Certified Associate course along with related project work
  • Then, advanced courses having Web Analytics, PPC, Content Marketing and Email Marketing and SEO programs
  • Followed by the experts providing sessions of mentorship on the monthly basis
  • Applications strengthening learning with Android and iOS apps
  • Finally, Simplilearn’s certifications in Masters Program

This program from Simplilearn also takes along with it accreditations from OMCP. In addition, it includes quizzes, simulated exams, videos of high quality, projects, downloadable workbooks, active forums by experts. Moreover, it also comes with an app that has over 200+ hours of content dealing with e-learning.

Digital Marketing Expert Pass from Market Motive

One of the leaders in providing training in Digital Marketing, Market Motive was established in 2007. The well-structured curriculum of the institute enjoys the trust of many enterprises and is legalized by many global universities. SEO, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, analytics are the fields for which the Expert Pass of Market Motive provides you 250+hours of training.

There are two versions of the Expert Pass. The monthly plan sets you back $299 and the annual version of it is priced at $999. One can enjoy a bouquet of facilities covering webinars, downloadable workbooks with the $299 monthly plan. It also provides access to a forum to which several industry experts provide their inputs. In all, the $299 monthly plan seems more useful as it provides the learners the freedom to have it on test-basis. You can leave further months of study if you aren’t impressed by it.

Mentioned below are the amenities that you get through the Market Motive’s Expert Pass:

  • Training in social media marketing, content marketing, conversion optimization, Email marketing, AdWords, SEO, analytics, and PPC.
  • An extensive content covering e-learning of more than 250 hours.
  • Mentorship under the faculty of Silicon Valley
  • Participation in the expert forum which involves interaction with peers and pioneers of the thought of marketing like Brad Geddes and Avinash Kaushik
  • Interdisciplinary and contemporary training

Notwithstanding background and experience, Market Motive formulates its courses for all levels of skilled people.

Digital Marketing Specialization by Coursera

The Digital Marketing program by Coursera mainly targets learners at the beginner level. However, there are some drawbacks to the program. Some takers of this course find it slightly difficult to follow. These challenges are in the form of a lack of tutored guidance, and a deficiency of access to experts in the field. Moreover, adding to the troubles, there is no provision of on-demand assistance for the learners asking for such help.

In spite of the drawbacks, the website is still respected by its seekers. The Digital Marketing Specialization program comprises of 5 courses and a learning-by-doing project that will result in certifying you. The disciplines covered by the program are SEO, analytics, 3D printing and Social Media marketing. Each course needs nearly 32 to 40 hours spread across 4 weeks. However, the learners of the complete program will require 26 weeks to finish. The price of the individual course is $79 and that of the complete package is $426.

Highlights of the Coursera program are as follows:

  • Theory and practice covering Marketing Analytics for candidates of Digital Marketing
  • An out sketch of channels dealing in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Preparing a digital strategy
  • The lure of working in a project involving Grainger industries

The E-learning Modules in Digital Marketing by the AMA

The highlight of the Digital Marketing program by the American Marketing Association is its e-learning modules shaped up for an hour of duration. The content covered by the program include social media marketing, email marketing, web and digital analytics, content marketing, and lastly, mobile marketing. Moreover, from 2016, the association has begun its Online Advertising module.

Each course in Digital Marketing of the American Marketing Association costs $99. The price for the non-members is $129. The duration of each course is 1 hour. The candidates can earn the certificate by qualifying a 10-question quiz.

Drawbacks also come bundled with this digital marketing package. The courses don’t seem to be substantial when compared with others of the same genre.

The AMA’s Course provides:

  • Interactive online-learning content having checks based on knowledge.
  • Interactive case-studies
  • A questionnaire containing 10 queries, to finish each module.
  • Continuing Education Unit(s) that contribute to and lead towards building up of AMA’s own PCM credential.

Marketing Tutorials by

The USP of is the flexibility and freedom it provides to its users by letting them learn at their own pace. Despite the course being unstructured and not being certifiable, it’s still in great demand. Also, the course is priced at a lowly fee of $24.99/month. This way, it’s more lucrative for digital marketing beginners. You need to pay higher as you climb up the ladder in the program, though. Notwithstanding the focus it pays through the video tutorials, it simply can’t replace a viable training program.

The pursuers can look forward to the following in the program:

  • Individual videos covering each topic of the mode of Online Marketing
  • Documents and files to practice offline
  • Transcripts, video playlists, certifications with each course

From the beginners to the professionals, we have tried to cover all shades of the Digital Marketing programs. Just select the one that best fits you and start the journey to the adventures of Digital Marketing.

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