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The Best Education Programs For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Ask any successful entrepreneur their success story and it’s almost guaranteed that each one will have a different story to tell. Some went to school and earned an MBA, others stumbled upon a great idea and ran with it, while others may have simply blazed out their own, unique path.

Even though everyone has a different story to tell, none of them will doubt the importance of education and learning. Courses or workshops can only help you, offering tidbits of information or networking opportunities that may not have been there before.

If you’re searching for education programs, you might be overwhelmed at the number of programs available on the web. Do a quick Google search and you’re likely to be bombarded by the number of options out there.

Today, we’ve tried to narrow down some of the best courses you can find on the web in a neat little package. Check below and see if any of them may work for you.

Harvard Business School

Let’s start with the first result that many of you have seen while searching for courses: the Harvard Business School. The name Harvard is enough to get your attention and this course packs a lot of information into a short period of time.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the rigorous application period that most Harvard students had to go through just to get in.

The program is just four weeks long and can be taken anywhere in the world. It is a bit pricey though, coming in at just over $1,000.


Oh boy, do we love Udemy. This online course database has tons of options for all levels of entrepreneurs. Many of them come at a super discount while others are completely free.

You’ll be taught by top-level staff over a variety of subjects. You can find courses about breaking into eCommerce, making a business plan, an MBA overview course, and much much more.

The current bestseller on the website is Chris Haroun’s “The Entire MBA in 1 Course”. With over 15 hours of video content and no requirements, you can start this course today essentially risk-free.

The one most confusing thing about Udemy is that their classes are seemingly always on sale. Even if you feel like you can’t commit right now, don’t freak out about the limited time sale. They tend to stick around forever.

The biggest knock against Udemy is that some of their courses may be outdated. While courses run by universities are more like to dynamic, you might be taking a Udemy course that’s 4+ years old.


Another wonderful database of courses, Coursera is a bit more “professional” than Udemy and will find you plenty of accredited courses for your entrepreneurship aspirations.

One thing we like about it is that you can break up the courses by levels of difficulty, from beginner to intermediate.

While Udemy will give you courses that you can take any time, you will have to enroll in Coursera courses at a specific time. Since they’re tied together with a school, they will be a bit more expensive and take longer to complete.

Currently, the highest-rated course on their website is the Entrepreneurship Specialization course from Wharton. This gives a broader sense of business, while you can get much more specific with other courses such as Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating with Corporations from the University of Maryland or Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship from Duke University.

Coursera has programs in multiple languages if you’re more comfortable with something other than English.

Babson College

You know you’re doing something right when you’re consistently ranked #1 in the world for entrepreneurship. Babson’s biggest draw is the statistic that 99% of their students are employed within six months of finishing the course while also being recognized as one of the top schools for earning potential.

Their online course, titled Entrepreneurial Operations: Launching a Startup is completely free and takes four weeks to complete. You’ll learn plenty of basic information such as basic startup operations to more advanced matters like choosing a business structure.

The only costs for this course are the $99 you’ll have to pay in order to receive a certificate. That might be helpful on any resumes or at the very minimum, your LinkedIn profile.

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Shubham likes to write about various educational and tech updates. In free time he likes to spend time in nature and exp...more

Shubham likes to write about various educational and tech updates. In free time he likes to spend time in nature and exploring the forests. less

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