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The Growing Popularity of Automotive Design Engineering

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Craft Your Career Through Automotive Design Engineering

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most prominent in our country. It became the 4th largest in the world based on sales. The industry left a profound impact increasing 9.5 percent year-on-year to 4.02 million units (not including two-wheelers) in 2017. It also subsequently became the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2017. The Two Wheelers segment is huge in the market in terms of volume. Meanwhile, a growing middle class and a relatively young population have greatly enhanced the market. Additionally, the increasing interest of major brands in exploring the rural markets has further aided the growth of the sector. Over the years, India has also established itself as an auto exporter. Consequently, it has induced strong export growth expectations for the near future.

Career in Automotive Engineering

With the ever-growing automobile industry, the demand for Automotive Design Engineers has also grown in direct proportion. Automotive design engineers integrate creative aesthetics and visuals with technical and practical aspects of engineering practices. Designers work in collaboration with mechanical and industrial engineers to ideate designs viable for production. It is essential to inculcate this creative sense with knowledge of raw materials, engineering techniques, and production processes. Automotive design engineers draw by hand and utilize computer design software.

Efficient Tools to Aid A Designer

You may be pursuing a career in automotive design or would want to. Hence, having knowledge of certain technical tools and software will benefit aspirants in the long run. These include –

The CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Computer Aided Design is a tool that the car designers use for determining the practicality of how automobile parts function and fit together. It is critical to really know how to create, move and analyze a 3D model. This is necessary to augment ideas and designs and analyze its usability.

GD&T Expertise

GD&T basically refers to the basics of dimensions and physics. As a car designer, it is essential to get hands-on experience with existing drawings. Moreover, it is essential for you to understand how to control a drawing. Understanding the features and controls of parts is of utmost importance to design engineering. Similarly, you may want to get into complex stress calculations or load properties of different materials. But, before this, it is essential to know how to read a basic engineering drawing.

Design For Manufacturability

As the automotive industry has advanced, the role and responsibility of the design engineer relate more and more into the sphere of production and manufacturing. In the past, application or design engineers created the functional design of the product and then it was subsequently handed over to the manufacturing plant to develop the final product. Now the design engineers are expected to support the production throughout the life of the vehicle production at full capability levels. This means that any overlooked problems with the manufacturability of the parts will always be the design engineer’s responsibility. These can vary from minor deviations to a complete redesign of a part. Sometimes designers only have a small scope of what can go wrong with the final design. However, when assembly trials begin, the real issues begin to come out.

… And Effective Certifications

India has well-equipped educational facilities when it comes to the automobile industry. It’s mainly due to its large and pervasive presence across the country. The most popular undergraduate course is a BTech. In Automotive Design Engineering. One of the prominent institutes offering such a degree is the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. This programme is curated in order to prepare students for the dynamic business environment of technology and automation. UPES extensively trains students on topics ranging from design and manufacturing to automobile maintenance. Some of the career choices upon graduating from UPES are –

  • Automotive Design Engineer
  • Production Engineer at Automobile Plants
  • Production Planning & Control Engineer
  • Technical Consultant in Automotive Sector

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