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The Land of Shakespeare and Keats

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The Greats from UK

The United Kingdom is considered the most ruthless force that history of the world has ever witnessed. It has been one the most successful ruling nations. Study estimates suggest that at one point in time the British were the sole rulers of almost 90 percent of the world’s countries. But England is much more than it’s ruthless past. John Keats was a celebrated poet from England who wrote some of the most famous of the poems in English literature till date. Then there was the bard Shakespeare himself. He has written novels, plays and what not which have all been hailed as the greatest works of literature all over the world and from times immemorial. The land of Keats and Shakespeare is a paradise for education and must be visited for the purpose if one has the will and the resources. All if the students must give a thought and try to study in UKMany students even give priority to the fact that whether or not the country has an easy and less tiresome process of visa approval or not. From the above points and analysis of these opinions, any subject matter expert can tell you that the part of the world which can alone guarantee you all these requirements.

Why Study In The UK

More than 3 lakh students from India migrate to various other countries every year in search of superior quality education rendered by the best universities all across the world. But deciding and then planning this migration for an extended study tour is not an easy task that has to be undertaken by the students and their parents as such. There are countless reasons as to why students prefer to move abroad and complete their formal education there. Most countries are a sea of opportunities that can provide a stable push to the careers of these students once they graduate from foreign Universities. Many times it is seen that the parents are willing to plan this migration of their students well in advance. The point remains, how can these students and parents make the task of migrating to a different country and studying there easier for themselves. The answer to all tasks and their completion is proper planning to a large extent. Parents and students must be first aware of the requirements of studying abroad and then make a fair assessment and decision. The universities also have the clearing in the UK. This means that even if the student doesn’t get any placement offer, he or she can apply through clearing where the University matches the name of the student with any vacant posts that had come to the University in the entire year.

Clearing the IELTS for UK

IELTS is essentially a language testing test which may be executed by the conducting agencies in two ways. The first is that form of IELTS which is undertaken by those who are looking to apply for admissions in courses in the foreign universities. It is also taken by those who are willing to register themselves for the professional tasks in their respective fields so that they can become a licensed worker in the foreign country.  For becoming eligible for the Student Visa in certain foreign countries, the student will be required to clear the English proficiency test IELTS. The Governments of many countries have made it mandatory for any applicant to sit for the IELTS exam and that he or she will be required to secure at least 5.5 bands in all the four segments of the IELTS exam to be eligible for a Student Visa in the country

What To Study In The UK

When one is in their own country, the choice of the course they want to pursue is often superadded by the choice of the college that they are getting admission into. If the college is prestigious and renowned then students often overlook the importance of the course and make their choice based on the image of the college. But when they plan to move abroad for higher studies, the choice of the course must be certain. You must choose a course that interests you and is also a gateway to a rewarding career in the future. After all, making a better future is the aim of migrating and studying outside your country. Talk to senior students and experts to form an opinion and choice about the same.

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