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The Power of Having a Great Mentor!

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Vicarious learning has been recognized as one of the key ways to learn life lessons. These lessons range from as routine as cooking and cleaning to complex ones of decision making and performing core functions. Moreover, in the early stages of life, humans know much less about their environment. Hence, it is impossible to carry out functions dwelling on their own understanding and perception of the environment. Hence, in such cases, the role of a mentor and essentially a good one is very crucial for their growth. The same is true for other phases in life. Be a school student’s life, or an employee working in a company or a new entrepreneur. Consequently, guidance and the steps to growth are entailed by a great mentor. The article below, thus mentions perks that come associated with having a great mentor.


Most of the successful personalities of the world had influential and excellent role models or mentors in their lives. This is more specifically for the business world. And it is also known, that they had a big role in the journey of the success of these personalities. Hence, mentors have a pivotal role to play in the whole process of growth and success. Their influence might be direct or indirect or subtle or clear-cut. Still, mentees often take inspiration or guidance from their mentors. Moreover, the path to growth has manifold domination from the mentor.

Motivating force

Skills or caliber are, often just not enough for individuals to grow up to their full potential. Hence, they require a push from behind to be out of their comfort zone. Thus, individuals need to prove what they are capable of. A mentor, in such cases, is the one who takes the burden of pushing individuals into tasks and challenges. He/she knows well, where they can and will outshine others. Even if the mentee faces failure, a positive and optimistic mentor can bring back the lost confidence. The mentor can instill trust in him/her regarding his/her abilities. Thus, he teaches the individuals to remain motivated and optimistic in adverse circumstances of life.


Many times, individuals back off from certain situations, only on the apprehension of lack of prior experience. Cases like these, pose a strong requirement for mentors who can back naive individuals. Owing to their past experiences, they have better methods to carefully and skillfully carry out tasks. Hence, they even train others to learn them and suggest them what else can be done in complicated situations. Moreover, one can’t compare the experience to anything. Hence, it is important that individuals actually take back from the negative experiences of their mentors.

More viewpoints

All the above points mention how mentors are important as they are better off from their mentees. But this discrepancy might cause more problems than creating solutions. Hence, it is important to recognize that intimidating mentee is not a working solution every time. This may cause him/her to be less confident or frustrated with the prevailing comparison. So, situations, mostly, should involve consideration of both the viewpoints of mentors and mentees. This is, as it involves focusing attention on immediate problems. It also includes uses of experience and intellect in equal proportions. This eventually leads to the development of a sort of codependency amongst the two individuals.


Just sit back and think for a while about all the things one performs as a routine. Follow it by thinking how many of them have been taught by others? The answer is clear, most of the things that we do every day, have been learned from others. And imagine how much time would it take for us to discover them on our own as a kid. When an entrepreneur wishes to choose trademark registration online just to safeguard the brand identity, they proceed with it by finding the most trusted portal. Hence, one important point emerges from here; it is essentially time-saving to follow or learn things from those who have already experienced problems one is facing currently.

Hence, it is better to follow the solutions to these problems with minimal modifications as per personal choice. It is much better than wasting time on solutions to practically everything that has long been discovered.


Mentors, teachers, role models or anyone who we consider as intellectual and knowledgeable enough to guide us, must actually be chosen carefully. Sometimes, individuals end up making the wrong choice when selecting their role models. Such problematic choices have proven to be extremely hazardous when considering health benefits too. Imagine, having a mentor who always finds faults and never appreciates. In such cases, a mentee is at the brink of slipping into depression and developing suicidal tendencies. And while having a mentor is important and its benefits are numerous, however, having a bad mentor has even worse consequences.


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