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The Rise of Essay Writing Industry: The Growth of Essay Writing

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It is an open secret that most students in high school and college use the services of essay writing mills. Since the 1990s, there have been people selling essays and because of the demand in the market, many online businesses thriving.  With statistics confirming about 70% of students will engage the services of a ghostwriter on their academic work at least once, it is no doubt that business on essay writing services is booming. Another way to look at it is how much money it costs to write an average essay to the most complicated dissertation. The price ranges from $20 to $7000 and above. This would also explain why many websites are offering the service, and they can’t seem to meet the demand.

Why do students seek essay writing services?

  1. In colleges, many students come from different parts of the world. They may not understand the language for example English as their first language or the teaching style. Because of this, they end up falling behind as they take longer to grasp the content and keep up with the workload. They are at a disadvantage when we compare them with the local students. Therefore, they see no other choice. They make ghost-writers do their job of essay writing.
  2. Most of the students that seek these services say they hate writing essays. Some are not good at writing academic papers and they are afraid of getting a bad grade. They choose to go with ghost-writers because they can choose a writer that is an expert in the field and they will get quality work.
  3. Some courses such as medicine, engineering, law, nursing, technology among others are demanding, and some student doesn’t have enough time to study and at the same time keep up with assignments. They choose to delegate what they don’t want to do and do what they can make it easy to cope.
  4. Research is a skill that not many students possess. It is, however, the most important skill that one needs to write a good essay. This makes students result in hiring ghost-writers who have developed the skill and can produce good quality content that guarantees the student a good grade at the end of the semester.
  5. Some don’t think that essays matter and all they need to do is understand what is taught in class. They don’t believe that the skills imparted when writing essays would serve them in the future, so they choose to concentrate on other things they see as more important.
  6. Some are just lazy and have the money to hire ghostwriters.

What do you need to be cautious about?

There is a growing concern about the ethics of essay writing websites as some people run scams and illegal businesses. There is also the question of how ethical is it to write an academic paper for a student and if a student should turn it in claiming they wrote it.  Some also argue that college fees have become quite expensive in the recent past. Hence, the pressure is driving students to do anything to get good grades. None of them wants to fail and remain in debt for a long time after school. The need to be at the top for them to get a good job can be the reason they use this route.

Till there is an understanding between the student and the one handling the writing, there is nothing illegal about the business. Similarly, until there is a fair exchange of goods and services, there is nothing objectionable about the essay writing mills. Although, there are a few incidents regarding people using this service to encourage cheating among students.

Some websites are tarnishing the legitimacy of essay writing services by trying to pass of plagiarized work to unsuspecting students. The recent exposé of such destructive sites is making it hard for others who are helping students do their jobs. Some competitors have also resulted in tricks to try and ruin others in the same industry. Since there is a lot of demand for essay writing services, one would wonder why every player in the industry can’t get along.

So, what is the lesson on the whole?

If students understood the importance of learning essay writing skills, they would probably write their work. You as a student would also aim to understand the work you receive from ghostwriters before you hand in the money. Stakeholders in education could engage students and find out the reason such a high number of students prefer to pay hefty sums to these websites for essays. But before then, the essay writing industry it seems is here to stay.

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