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The Skills Needed to Work at a Digital Marketing Agency

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Technology is increasing its prevalence in our daily lives. From mobile phones to personal computers, most of us spend many hours a day sitting and staring at a screen. With the onset of this technological revolution, digital marketing is the next big thing. And exactly for this reason only, it’s worth considering as a career option.

The question is, what skills will you need to access this growing industry? Similarly, it will be equally relevant to ask what job roles are available within the sphere of digital marketing? These are the questions that we are going to answer through this brief post. Consequently, by the end, you should have a much clearer understanding of what you will need for creating a career in the sphere of digital marketing.

The Job Roles

Just like all industries, digital marketing has a range of different major job roles that make it successful. Whilst businesses who hire in-house marketing teams often combine these individual job roles into group responsibilities, international digital marketing agencies usually keep each job separate as it allows for more specialization.

Note that we will only look into the more specialized job roles within digital marketing. Meanwhile, positions like ‘Sales Representative’ are very general roles that apply to multiple industries, so we won’t investigate those.

Below are a few of the primary job roles that you will find in a digital marketing agency:

Graphic Designer – individuals who create graphics for featuring them within different advertising campaigns and on websites

Technical SEO Specialist – individuals who check the code and technical details behind websites. They ensure they correctly optimize these for search engines like Google

PPC Specialist – individuals who specialize in managing Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns like Google Ads

Content Writer – individuals who write the content for different advertising campaigns. Whether it be website content, social media posts or emails, it is they who take this onus

Meanwhile, each of these jobs has a specific specialty. Today’s marketers require each of the skills of these crafts to create the best digital marketing campaign possible. How do you enter one of these roles though? Let’s break them down one-by-one.

Graphic Designers

When it comes to any form of advertising or marketing, you need to ensure one important thing. And that’s to grab the audience’s attention. Nobody likes big blocks of text. Therefore, graphic designers are an essential part of any digital marketing agency. They turn blocks of text into beautiful imagery that people actively want to read.

To become a graphic designer, we recommend you begin experimenting with graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. You need to start creating projects learning how to use this software effectively. You require this, as almost all marketing agencies use the Adobe package to create their graphics and media. Similarly, you will need to create a portfolio that showcases your skills. And this is exactly what you will need to show off when you are applying for a graphic design job.

Technical SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big part of what digital marketing agencies do. They want to make their client’s websites appear at the top of the Google search rankings. But, to do this effectively, takes a lot of work.

The role of the technical SEO specialist is to investigate the website’s code. Consequently, this will ensure that it runs smoothly, and effectively. Moreover, the specialist optimizes a portal for Google. But this job requires slight editing of code, as well as analyzing datasets. Therefore, the major skills you will need are a good knowledge of HTML (the coding language used for websites). Moreover, you’ll also need a very good grasp of Mathematics and Microsoft Excel. Few courses specialize in technical SEO. Hence, many agencies will be happy to train you fully if you are competent in the basic skills.

PPC Specialist

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a broad skill that involves using multiple digital tools to get results. The general idea is that you pay to place your image, content or advert somewhere. But you only get charged once the advert is clicked. This is how adverts on many different websites work, though it varies depending on the campaign and platform.

Becoming a PPC specialist requires a good knowledge of the different advertising platforms, how they work and a general understanding of how to optimize a campaign using the tools available. This means a lot of research into PPC, plenty of reading and if possible, a demonstration of successful campaign management. Other skills you will need to keep in mind are good analytical abilities for understanding data at a glance and moderate writing skills to create effective campaigns.

Content Writer

Finally, the content writers play a big role in campaigns of fall sizes. Whether a website is being rewritten or an email needs to be typed up, content writers are there to produce high quality written content, quickly and effectively.

In a digital marketing agency, the most important skills required are effective time management and the ability to adapt your writing to a specific audience. Agencies work with many clients in many different industries, which is why their content writers need to be able to write in a range of different styles to fit the specific client.

If you are looking to get a job as a content writer, make sure that you can display fast, exceptional writing in a variety of different styles. This will cover everything that the digital marketing agency needs.

These aren’t the only jobs available in a digital marketing agency, but they are definitely some of the most common. As with all jobs, getting relevant qualifications is guaranteed to boost your chances of entering the industry, so don’t discount digital marketing courses as pointless.

Hopefully, you will now have a better idea of what digital marketing jobs are available out there and what they require. Always do your research before applying for a job though, each agency is different and you never know what you might be asked to do as part of your role.

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