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Things to Post on Instagram for More Likes and More Followers

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There are many popular social media networks on Instagram but the most famous among them is Instagram. Instagram is more popular because of its potential users who are going to increase day by day. As we also know that it is a visual platform giving you the chance to share your emotions and share your products on Instagram. In this article, our main focus is on the things with the help of which you can increase your likes on Instagram and more followers and more sales as well.

Post Behind the Scene Photos:

By posting behind the scenes photos, you get the higher engagement rates and more likes on your profile. You can post behind the scene photos of your daily routine if you are a celebrity. This can help you a lot in growing your account. If you are a businessman, then you can post behind the scene photos of your work. You can share photos of your office or you can post photos of your team or products.

Your Short and Long Term Goals:

By setting the goal in life, you can therefore succeed. Similar is the case with Instagram where you can set your short term or long term goals. You can post your objective on Instagram where you can post about your short term online course. When you set a goal on Instagram, then you can work best which is measurable and achievable. By setting the goal, you get the attention of the people which will ultimately become your followers.

Your Morning Routine:

By sharing your morning routine will increase in the higher engagement rates and also create thrill and excitement among your followers. Your followers may like any of your business posts but they also very excited to see the daily routine of you. So as a businessman or a celebrity share your daily routine especially the morning routine with your viewers along with your any of the business post or regular post at the shooting.

Repost from Fans and Followers:

Sometimes you answer the comment of any of your followers on Instagram but it is not much effective rather you repost the post from any of your fan or follower. You should track your business’s name or branded hashtag on Instagram. You can earn respect and appreciation from your follower’s side and also it will help you a lot in increasing the number of followers.

Don’t Forget Product Promotion:

The product promotion is very important and it proves to be valuable for Instagram fodder. Use the beautiful captions of your products on Instagram post. In your post, you should describe one or two important benefits of the products so that users are forced to purchase that product. Don’t overpost about your products as people get bored when you do over promotion. You can also use Instagram Software can automate your liking process to promote your products in front of your target audience.

Announce That You Are Hiring:

In your post, announce to your followers that you are hiring the people for jobs. This will increase the interests among the followers and definitely, your follower count will increase and also the likes. Mention the precise position of the jobs for new applicants. Also, mention the necessary requirements for the candidates so that you can filter out the people who lack the particular qualification.

Share a Blast From the Past:

By sharing a photo from the past, can bring more and more followers towards your account. Pick the day, for example, Monday for your blast from the past. Also, ask from your followers to share their old pic, this will increase the engagement rates. If you are a beautician, you can share the first pic when you do the first makeover of your client.

Host Contests and Giveaways:

Contests and giveaways are the best things to increase the likes and engagement rates as people always like contests and want the giveaways. People who just take part in your contests would buy your products later on as they get familiar with the products during the contests.

Talk About the Upcoming Events:

Remind about your followers that you exist in the digital world. You can post the images of the event that you just attended. Share a selfie of yours before going to the event and then pics of the events. You can offer free vouchers of the events to your special customers and later on when they share it with their friends and family then this will result in an increase in the number of followers.

Showcase Your Products in Action:

You can showcase your products in action by making a video tutorial of your products. For example, if you are a beautician, and you want to promote your products, then make a video in which you are doing a makeover with your particular product like lipstick or blush on. Also, tell your followers about the amazing look with the help of your beauty products.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram is the best platform for reaching your customers in no time. In fact, it is the most powerful tool for increasing engagement rates. As Instagram is a mobile platform, you can check your account in your phones and tablets and it will open the new gates for your business because people get bored of opening the laptops or computers and do their work. Now, you can promote your brand from your phone.

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