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Think Hatke: This Year, Go Offbeat

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Gone are the days when parents used to nourish dreams on behalf of their kids and pinned them to give a whirl to prefix Dr., Er., C.A, Prof. etc to their names. This is the era where everybody wants to live high off the hog. The young guns, with a lust for life, are all set to make their own calls off the beaten track as this is the time to go offbeat.

Nowadays, by the time students attain the age of 16, they give more emphasis to break away the conventional way of study rather than aligning their career with their education. Even parents are also accepting the fact that the current education system does not accommodate the self-discovery that allows the students to express their creativity.

Although the road less traveled might be risking life and limb to bring the house down, the fact is that today’s generation is not at all hesitant in living on the edge. The millennials, nowadays, are too gallant to welcome the non-conventional careers with open arms.

The spread of the internet and computer revolution has also opened the doors to innumerable career opportunities that were once unknown to the students. From search engine optimization to cybersecurity, these career options not only allow students to live their dreams but also seek a stable career growth.

Moreover, with such a smorgasbord of options, Hotel Management has become one such industry where career opportunities are growing by leaps and bounds every day. According to recent studies by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the hospitality industry is the second largest employer globally.

Here are the insights, the industry gurus have predicted to be one of the most booming industries in the future.

Food Flavourist

Food Flavourists, also known as the Food Chemists are the research scientists who blend various fixings to make the remarkable flavour using essential oils, plant extracts and aroma chemicals. These food engineers are primarily concerned to improve the flavour of the food by experimenting with artificial and natural flavours. Food flavourists not only ameliorate the taste of food but also improve the smell of ingredients that interact with our sensory organs.

Tea Tasting

Isn’t it great if you are being paid handsome money for just tasting tea? Yes, that’s true! A career in tea tasting is what I’m talking about. Tea tasting is an art, which requires the assistance of the science for the up gradation of the tea industry. A tea taster is the one who not only tastes tea but also gives the advice to improve the quality, fragrance, colour and flavour. All you need to do to become a professional tea taster is to be an avid tea lover.

Food Critic/ Food Writer

Did you ever hear the names of Vir Sanghvi (HT Media), Liza De Guia (Food Curated), Adam Platt (New York Times), Matt Preston (Masterchef Australia)? If yes, then you must be familiar with what they do for a living, right? Else, let me tell you about one of the offbeat and trendy career choices, Food Critic or Food Writer.

Food Critics, often known as the Food Columnists work for newspapers, magazines and websites allied to food services. They capture the taste, appearance, aroma and texture of dishes and write their reviews. Food Critics not only give their feedback about the food and wine but also write reviews on the restaurant openings, trends, and chefs.

Spa Management

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” –Mark Black

When you’re travelling you excited to see everything that the place has to offer. While you do enjoy your journey, at the end of the day you get so tired that you want to relax. What if, you could be the person everyone goes to, to relax and finish off their wonderful day on a beautiful note?

Yeah, that’s right. A masseur is what I’m talking about. A sensational spa with soft pressure of the experts’ hand is the perfect amalgamation that can take you to the alternate world of amelioration. A masseur is a professional with proper training and education of various therapies and body care treatments. Spa therapists are qualified practitioners who deliver services like massage, body wraps, body scrubs, therapeutic baths etc.


Haven’t we all dreamt of being Charlie in the chocolate factory and getting to visit that beautiful place where different combinations of chocolates are produced? Sounds delicious no? Well, we can’t ensure you an ocean of chocolate in this profession, but we assure you there will be lots of experimenting with chocolate if you get into the chocolatier business.

Chocolatiers are the ones who create tempting, eye soothing and luscious treats for us. Be it toddler, teenager, grown-up or old, almost everybody loves to eat chocolate.

Chocolatiers, often refer to as chocolate or candy makers are the professionals who create delish candies and other confectionary items using piping bags and specialised tools. They are expert in moulding chocolates into a variety of shapes that will appeal to consumers. Chocolatiers have a sound knowledge of baking techniques, culinary mathematics, food safety, nutrition, ingredients and baking equipment. They are skilled and specialised in blending, creaming, cutting, dipping and filling ingredients.

Wine Sommelier

Always picking drinks in the menu, are you? Or are you picking up your friends after they pass out when you’ve drunk more than they have? Apart from being called the person with the good choice, this quality will also come in handy if you want to travel the world and get paid for your natural talents.

Just Imagine, what if travelling to the world and tasting wine not only add a new dimension to your life but also give you handsome money for living? Wouldn’t you enjoy that? Yeah, sure you do! Just like tea sommeliers, wine sommelier or wine tasting is also an essential part of the gastronomy tradition. The demand of qualified wine sommeliers has increased in the last few years.

Being a wine sommelier or wine taster, one not only just tastes the product but also relish the whole process of its production in a single sip. Wine sommeliers should have a sound knowledge of various kinds of wines, cultivation, manufacturing, branding and product marketing.

Food Stylish

Isn’t it obvious that you eat with your eyes first? Yes, it is.

How many times have you seen a dish arrive on somebody else’s table and ordered the same just because it looked delicious? We can go on about the taste of the dish but the first thing that attracts us towards a new dish is the way it looks.

With a lot of competition in the culinary market, there is pressure on chefs and restaurant owners to make their place appealing to customers. Owing to this, these eateries not only focus on the quality and taste of food but also the ambience of the restaurant and the presentation of the dishes.

A food stylist has the job of making the dishes “look” delicious, the person doing that needs to be creative and have a basic knowledge of food.

Event Management

Are you among those who are enthralled by the fashion shows, award ceremonies, glitzy parties and fests? If your answer is yes, then Event Management is your true call!

Though, event management is not only about glamour and excitement all the time. One should have a creative mind, planning and organising skills, visualising concepts and should always up for the challenges to be a part of this flourished industry.

These offbeat career choices not only give you handsome paychecks but also clinch great satisfaction and flexibility of work. While we can’t promise that it will be bearing fruits for you in such metiers, one thing that we can assure is you will never get mentally retired from your career.

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