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Tips for competitive exam preparation-“Hume manzilein toh paani hain”

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“Hume manzilein toh paani hain”

Tips for competitive exam preparation“Hume manzilein toh paani hain”





Fortunately or unfortunately competitive exams have become a struck norm for selection to various professional courses in our country. Not with standing the temerity of such a system, competitive exam are reality for the lacks of students who appear in them every year .

In such a scenario everyone wants to get success. Success in these evans brings immense glory and confidence to the individuals besides giving them a clear eat break into the career line of their choice however seats are limited and not everyone who appear can be selected . this does not mean that those who are not selected do not deserve a training in these courses . it only means that they are not sufficient seats to accommodate all the deserving candidates.

Keeping this background in mind let as explore what if takes to succeed in these competitive exams

particularly at the undergraduate level.

To my mind the first prerequisite for success. In this examination is determination the candidate must be quit sure if this level, of motivation, no one can go through the rigorous preparation process. Thus you must be absolutely deter mind to give your best efforts in your endeavor.

Ones one is sufficiently motivated one needs to be ready to give sufficient no. of hours of his/her time in studies. This is real hard work and involves significant sacrifices on the part of the individual’’ all work number play makes jack a dull boy”

There for it is also important that candidate does take out some time for relaxation either through sports, music art froms.

Regular exercise about 15-20 minutes everyday help maintain a healthy body which in turn will house a healthy mind.

The third requirement is selection of the right study material.

One should not go for shortcut.

Instead try to understand the chapters/concepts in detail and practice sufficient number, of question.

Therefore go for standard, text book, study materials provided. As various correspondence courses and other coaching institutions serve as supplementary and complementary material to the text book material.

The fourth consideration is an appropriate strategy. A very common question which student ask is how to balance the school studies with competitive exam study. Think that school studies can be in corporate within the brood framework of one’s competitive exam preparation strategy. One strategy is that to took at each chapter as a chapter to be learn a material to be masterly. Rather than dichotomizing it as school and competitive exam related study material. Ultimately, if one’s clear about the concepts of say current and electricity and as practiced sufficient number of questions/numerical one can face any examination wheatear of school or competition. One can use periodical tests in school as an opportunity to master the material that one as collected wheatear than restricting yourself to the limited knowledge and practice that is needed you for doing well in the periodical test itself of course you may not be able to complete all the practice material for one test but clear the concepts you can use the rest of the particular material for revision and self evolution at later time as the examination come closer. Practicing previous years papers is also key for doing well in the examination.

On the day of examination keep yourself cool attempt the question remember if you have given your best during the last 1.5 to years, you need not fear anything ultimately only effort and not the result in your hand. Which you should do to your maximum capability out lined above. Rest is your destiny luck. So go ahead give your best and live the rest.

Sapno ko aise jeetein

Thank you all readers of my article hope you have enjoyed reading

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Nida Sarwar

Apr 01, 2017

Nice article (y)

blog image

Sonu Sharma

Apr 07, 2017

"Hume manjile to paani hain" such a wonderful article. Good thought's :)

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