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Tips for Creating the Perfect Studying Spot

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When you think about it, if you’re studying in your room, house, or apartment, is it not that in most instances, you stick to just one spot? Perhaps it may even be the case that before you study, you’re going to spend so much time preparing that spot first, to put the study mood into context. For different people, this process is going to be different, as each has their respective preferences. Generally, however, the point has a lot to do with setting the right mood that breeds a higher level of inspiration to study. When this is achieved, productivity when studying also increases.

In that regard, here are some tips for creating the perfect study spot:

1. Pick One Place And Stick To It

When your goal is to create that perfect study spot, start with picking just one place in your apartment or home to study. Apartments like American Avenue, for instance, have built-in desks in every apartment to help you easily create that perfect at-home study space. Then, stick to your choice. This isn’t the time for you now to move around different spaces. When you designate just one area to study, you’re helping your brain create that sense of familiarity. In time, your brain catches on with the implication of that space.

Here are some tips to remember when choosing a specific place:

Choose the most accessible space for you, within your home

As much as possible, stay away from areas that are distractions such as the TV or your bed

Pick the place that best speaks “productivity” for you, based on the colors, the mood, and even the décor

Especially when you’ve already moved out of your parents’ house, it’s your responsibility now to find and create this perfect study space that works to your liking. More importantly, you also continue to study even without parents supervision.

2. Remove Any Distractions

Once you’ve chosen a space, you can move forward to the next step then of removing any distractions. No matter how well made your space is, if it’s laden with distractions, you’re only going to stay unproductive. It can be effortless to doze off into space and pick up anything that’s a distraction for you. When that happens, you’ve already wasted time.

Take note of this list of things that you should avoid having in your study space:

Other people coming in and out constantly

Video games

Messy food and drinks

Cellphone and other gadgets

Open tabs on your laptop or computer, if you’re using this to study

3. Make The Space Comfortable

This may be a piece of controversial advice for many, but it helps to create a space that speaks comfort. The line you have to draw, however, is not to make it TOO comfortable, that it defeats your ability to study well. The level of comfort in your space should be enough, such that studying will no longer feel like such a chore. Through the area that you have, you get more excited to study. It’s something that you’ll look forward to.

4. Put All Of Your Study Essentials In Your Space

When the space is ready, apart from taking away distractions, you should also then put all of your study essentials in your study space. That way, once you’ve started studying, you no longer have to go far to pick up your study needs. The more that you take a break, the higher the chances of you getting distracted. This is something that you’d want to avoid.

Your study essentials may include any of the following:

Index cards or other study aids

Computer or laptop, but only if needed

Calculator, or other relevant tools

Textbooks and notebooks

Pad of paper

Pens and pencils

5. Incorporate Proper Lighting

If you’ve chosen a space with a lot of natural light, then so much the better. But if this isn’t possible, then artificial light will do. The point is to ensure that your study space is well lit. First, you don’t want to feel sleepy and lazy in your space. Second, you also don’t want to cause damage to your eyes by studying and reading with a poorly lit area.

The best tip to remember as regards the lighting is to avoid yellow and warm lights as possible. This makes a room cozy. But, it also creates a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness.

6. Personalize, If You Want To

Personalization is key to making the space truly and uniquely yours. For some people, this is one of their means to encourage proactive studying. This means creating that feeling of studying for and with a purpose. Personalizing your space can mean anything between putting any of your knick-knacks to inspire you.

This can be anything from the following:

A poster with inspirational quotes

Your dream career

Family pictures


Revamping and creating an effective study space is an inherent part of effective studying. When you’re comfortable in the area that you’re in, it further enables you to remember information better. The study spot that you create should be one that sets the mood, gets you in and inspires you to focus and work harder. Make these changes in your study space today by getting started with the ideas enumerated above.

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