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How to use UNI Converter in your computer

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Uni converter is the best video compressor and converter so far, you can add videos on a DVD, and many more technical details you can add to your videos by editing them.    

Now there are infinite aspects of human life which are directly linked with operating systems, computers, laptops and mobile phones. Thus, we ought to make some space in our PC and laptops.  

There are several features in your computer which if left unchecked can harm your operating systems. Ultimately the performance of your computers would slow down. Uni converter is a safe option which will help you get your high-quality videos within minutes. 

Many a times we come across computers and laptops which are merely steel or iron ready to dump. This is because of viruses. Various devices are designed with in built viruses. Computers are somehow immune to these dangerous viruses however mobile phone companies and laptops are with inbuilt viruses which start to destroy your device. 

You can use various software for updating and renewing your device. Video compressors are installed and used for making space. Similarly, various virus detectors, computer scanners are also used. The malware detectors keep you updated for writing notes and making presentations you can use several up-gradations in the already installed word and excel software of your computer and laptops. 

In this article I have tried to briefly explain how you can change your video or convert it through uni converters.  

  • Selecting the video 

You must select the video and compare it first with the options available in the uni converter. you will have to decide what are you going to do with those videos.

There can be a lot of options, such as editing your video or to burn it on the DVDs. You must take a view of the application keep in mind that the speed of video conversion will depend upon the size of your video.    

  • Watch the guiding video 

Wonder share have got a guiding video at their site, before you use or download uni converter. you will be able to understand better, instead of getting lost in several features of uni converter. 

That guide will help you in understanding the processes and services which can be used for forming the best videos suitable for several devices.  

  • Select the videos

After you have decided what r you going to do with that video, you will have to select the file. The interface of wonder share uni converter is very prominent and easy. 

For the first step you will be asked to provide the video. Click on the box mentioning “add video” and automatically your browser will open, the local one.  

Select the video file, if it will be greater in size the loading time will be two to four minutes so you must wait until the loading process. 

  • Selecting the format 

Now on the extreme right opposite to the video you have chosen will be an option for selecting the format for converting your video. 

There will be many options, each option will have a summarized detail of it, read it to make sure that you are doing exactly what you wanted. Before you do this, you will have to select the input format as well, this can be known by checking the description of the uploaded video.   

  • Edit the videos 

Video conversion is the last step, but you can edit the videos before converting or compressing them. Right under the videos there will be options for trimming the videos, you can do it if you want to convert only a portion of your video. 

  • Convert the videos

Now, when you have edited your videos according to your need. It will be the time to take the last step of converting them. 

At the extreme right corner at the very bottom, there will be a purple button of convert alt. Click it if you are sure that you have set the videos according to th required formats. 

You can only convert videos one by one. Simultaneous conversions are not possible, and you must wait until the previous video gets compressed or converted. 

Lastly, check the output folder where you can check the converted videos. 

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