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Tips to Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

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Limit Your Child's Screen Time

Though unrestricted time with electronics and gadgets may make your child smart as well keep him quiet, excess of screen time can be harmful to children. However, setting restrictions on your child’s video games and TV time is not simple at this present time. If you wish to limit your child’s screen time to a healthy and sensible amount, you should consider the below tips:

Focus on a Healthy Electronic Use

It’s effective to set a good example for your children by setting a healthy screen time for yourself too. You should inspire your child to avoid spending too much time on mobile games or watching videos online.

Teach Yourself on Electronics

Children in the present era are tech savvy. Many of them understand much more about electronics than grown-up people do. For that reason, it’s important for you to stay advanced on the newest mobile apps or the most recent social media trend. Parents can’t educate their children about the risks of networking on social media sites unless they’re familiar with the dangers. And they can’t stop kids from playing aggressive video games without understanding the rating. Make it a main concern to discover about electronics and how they are disturbing kids.

Build “Technology-Free Area”

Set up a few zones at your place where you don’t permit electronics use such as Laptops and smartphones. Dining room and your child’s bedroom are good places for the same.

Make use of Parental Controls

Look after your children from unambiguous content on Television and websites. You should apply parental controls that help you to keep an eye on what your kids are watching on TV. It will also help you to know their online activities.

Unplug Times

Set a few hours aside for the whole family members to become unplugged and disconnected from technical devices. Bedtime and dinner time can be perfect times for you and the family to have an excellent time together.

Promote Other Activities

Children easily become reliant on technology for amusement and fun. Motivate your kids to be involved with outdoor and some creative activities. Help them to grow further interests outside of social networking and video games.

Screen free Bedroom for your child

It’s not possible to keep an eye on a child’s screen time in case it’s permitted in the bedroom. Don’t let your kid have a computer, TV and video game in his bedroom. You should also ask them to avoid any handheld devices that lots of children utilize before sleep which can obstruct their sleep.

Take Screen Time as an advantage

Motivate your child to understand the importance of screen time and media. It should be an opportunity and benefit. You need to make your child know the benefits as well as the negative effects of TV and computer use. When you have put a time limit on child’s screen time, don’t permit kids to receive additional time as a reward.

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