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Tips to Manage Stress and Workload in Indian Boarding Schools

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Studying in a boarding school can be so much fun if you learn the art of managing things properly. Sometimes, children tend to take too much stress that dealing with it becomes quite a task and thus it becomes important to take care of children studying in residential schools in India. It’s pertinent that we, as parents, guide them better and channelize their energy in right direction.

  1. Time management – This is perhaps the first step towards better management. Children who learn the art of managing time, excel in all walks of life.
  2. Get organized – A boarding school in many ways make a child independent, it enables him to do everything on his own like keeping his books in place, keeping the school dress ready, etc
  3. Maintain a schedule – It’s very important that you maintain a schedule. A proper foundation is based on an individual’s ability of dealing with things. Once you have made a schedule, you will be able to do things in a much more organised way than others and it will even enhance your grasping power. Doing things at the right time is very important, for ex- schedule the time of waking up in the morning, time for exercising, to time for studying etc.
  4. Keep Stress Away – There are several types of stress that a child in a residential school deals with:
    • Parent’s induced stress: Sometimes parent’s put undue pressure on their kids to excel in studies so much so that they tend to deal with depression at one point of time. Parent’s must understand that all children have different IQ and EQ level and needs to be dealt differently
    • Stress induced by Peer groups: Often children feel the heat due to their friends and peers outperforming them in class. This induces stress in children, hence it’s important that parent’s talk to their children time and again and help them deal with this kind of situation
    • Self-induced: This troubles a child owing to the competition he witnesses in class amongst his fellow mates.
  5. Take proper sleep – Getting minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is extremely important. Children who take proper sleep has better acumen and deliver better results in comparison to those children who feel sleepy in class and are less attentive.

Get engaged in fun activities – It’s important that you indulge in any kind of activity while doing all other things or pursue any hobby while studying. Devoting all time to studies will lessen your interest in it. Do everything that keeps you happy, a good gesture towards someone or pursuing interests, this will expand your horizon and keep stress at bay.

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By Jenni Peter

I'm a content strategist and online blogger and loves to compose tips and latest trends in education industry to help st...more

I'm a content strategist and online blogger and loves to compose tips and latest trends in education industry to help students secure a better future. less

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