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Tips to boost your Engineering and Medical Preparation

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Every year hundreds of thousands of students look up to complete their dream to be in the elite engineering and medical institutes of India. To fulfill this dream there are a number of factors which contribute together to bring the success to your doorstep. Consistency, determination, and hard work are some of the key factors which ensure the success of an aspirant. One other major factor which contributes to the cracking of these prestigious examinations is guidance.

Here is where the coaching institutes take the center stage. They provide directions in which we make our success a sure thing. They tend to eliminate and work on our weak areas and furnish what we know to ensure good rank and score. In recent times coaching industry is on a boom and almost every aspirant is joining coaching institutes to make their preparation up to the mark and efficient. But there is something that had to keep in mind to ensure a good outcome out of your coaching preparations.

Here are some of the tips that can help you during your preparation-

  • Attend the classes regularly

This is one of the most important aspects of your preparation. Your preparation is like a chain which grows and strengthens continuously during this time. You cannot allow any link of this chain to be weak. It is a general tendency among students to skip classes of the chapters or portion they think they have good command on. This habit drags them backward from their competitors. There are many fine points and problems which are discussed during the lecture which improves the understanding of problems and concept. So, never ever miss a class.

  • Always take detailed notes

Taking notes is also a very important thing to do in the coaching class. There are many things that come across in the lecture and we understand it but forget it later. Here the handwritten and comprehensive notes come handy. They are also an important and reliable companion at the time of revision and to look onto before the examination. Students should also practice the habit of making condensed notes at the end of each chapter which is a great tool for quick revision.

  • Ask doubts in the class

Doubt clearing is very critical in the preparation of engineering and medical. Everything is related to something, and once we get doubt in something and don’t get it cleared, the doubts simply heap on and after a point of time, the subject or the chapter becomes unbearable. Don’t ever shy away from asking doubts, however, simpler it is. Everybody has a different understanding and no doubt are worth keeping to you. Daily practice problems and ask the teacher any doubt you come across in the process. Once the doubt is fully rectified,then only move on to the next problem.

  • Study daily

Regular study is the main pillar of your preparation. Consistency is what gives you an edge over your competitors. Always make a master plan and stick to it no matter what. Another important thing is to divide your time uniformly among all your subjects. You can give a little extra time to your weaker subjects. Time management and proper planning is the key that makes you stand out from the mass and pave your way to success. At least six hours of self-study should be ensured by the students per day for optimum results.

  • Practice and Revision

Practice makes a man perfect. This is the tagline you should keep with yourself throughout your preparation. You should practice as much as you can. One must thing to do is to cover and complete all your homework and practice materials. You should practice on a daily basis according to a schedule. You should at least make a set of five questions to practice from each subject and work on it. Another important thing is a constant revision. You should revise the contents regularly to enhance your understanding of the subject and to make them part and partial of your memory. You can also devise a plan for regular revision. For example, you can revise the subjects taught during the week at the end of the week and in this you can also add some earlier chapter condensed notes to boost your preparation.



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