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Tips to improve reading comprehension

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reading comprehension

We can label Reading under your daily needs if you really enjoy it. Generally speaking, reading is considered a simple task which you can do even with an empty or tired mind. Some people love to read a book to make their exhausted mind relaxed. Others would prefer to read until they are sleepy. That said, reading can also be considered as something deeper and serious. We often go through a text and get outer meanings only, not trying to reach the emotions behind the plot. These emotions can be the most important part to reach the intensity level of any story or other content. We must do ‘comprehensive reading’’ to go through the layers to uncover the real feel of the text you are reading. Though it is not always possible for everybody to make his vision and reading skills that much polished but still we can make it better by following a few rules.

We have gathered some informative tips to improve your reading comprehension;

Building up the background knowledge:

When you are going to read a book, you need to prepare your brain to get into the text which is in front of you. You can do this by reading the title and table of content in some cases . A title says a lot about the storyline. Think about the background, though it is difficult to anticipate things while you can just open the book and read what is going on there. But still, if you want to enjoy your read properly, it is a good and effective tip to make up your mind. You have to think what would be happening there in the upcoming story/novel/drama. If you are trying to guide kids about reading comprehension, you must develop this habit in them to describe how they feel about the title and what exactly they are expecting it to be. If you feel like there is lesser background knowledge, try improving it before opening the first page of content.

Build a strong vocabulary:

It depends on the age of a reader how efficiently he deals with the vocabulary. Something there are complicated terms which lead to a confusing state. If a person is not interested to reach the core of that text, he avoids a few difficult words and moves ahead.  But this is by no means a favorable attitude for reading. Doing such things will result in an interest loss for the material you are reading. There are several apps and tools which might come in handy to get definitions of all the new terms. If you are encouraging the kids to read something with complete attention, there are tools which offer definition with a picture to show better meaning. If you feel like you are busy enough and you cannot help your kid, do not expect that they would do everything by themselves, sometimes it is important to hire a tuition teacher (click here to find a suitable one) to help them with their readings. Make sure to go for a vocabulary built-up to make your reading more comprehensive every time.

How fluently you can read:

Another important thing is how nicely you can read the text. If you are feeling it a bit hard to go through, just take your time to understand each word and connect it with the background knowledge. There are several reasons for a problematic read and one of them is lack of background knowledge. To solve this, the best way is to re-read the texts unless you can read without any hesitation. Reading a story, again and again, is beneficial especially if kids are having trouble with their books. Being fluent with reading will polish your reading comprehension skills with every passing day.


Read loudly:

There are times when you are unable to concentrate or to understand what you are going through because your mind is distracted and you are not having a favorable environment for reading. There is a simple solution of this as well. Try reading in a louder voice; this will involve your hearing sense to the reading session and will improve the reading comprehension. As soon as your concentration gets better and you are attentive to the content, you can skip loud reading. It is not necessary to continue because possibly it will make your reading time tiring.

A discussion is the best trick:

It is always a good option to discuss the text with any of your friends and if no one is available, you can discuss it with someone imaginary. Discussion opens up many sides of the content because when we are justifying our point of view with someone, our brain works better. This technique is approved by most of the software engineers that they found a coding problem quite easily when they tried explaining it to someone. It is not important to have a friend who possesses the same ability like you or who have read the text; remember, you are doing it for yourself, not to teach someone.

Follow all these tips to reach an excellent grade of reading comprehension. Hopefully, this will make your reading session even more fun and effective. Check out our seven speed reading websites. Do let us know in comments below if you had any unique reading experience.

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