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Top 10 Things You Should Know When You Are Studying and Working in Vietnam

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Studying and working abroad is nowadays trending among people. Being one of the most peaceful countries which are rapidly developing, and having the economic potential in the world, Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for the workers and students in many countries, including India, to come to.

However, just like other countries, preparing for studying and working in Vietnam can be a complex process. Therefore, there’s a big question to answer: what are things people need to know before studying and working in Vietnam?


The very first and the most important things of all the foreign workers and student is to prepare Visa. The concerned authorities have divided Visa into 3 kinds: visa embassy, visa, and visa on arrival. You need to make sure your passport is valid 6 months after you arrive in Vietnam. Customs officers in Vietnam are very strict in this.

Why should a visitor choose visa on arrival (VOA)?

Indian workers and student need to fly to Vietnam, we suggest them apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. If you’re still confusing, there is some reason to choose this kind of Visa:

–    This is the most popularly used method

–    You can get entry license within only 1 minute to enter information

–    The price is cheaper than the visa embassy. Applicants will have to pay 2 kinds of fee including service fee (to get visa approval

–    It has legal validity as a normal visa because The Vietnamese Immigration Department approve the letter

–    You can do this anytime, anywhere that is suitable for you.

You only need to submit an online Vietnam visa application which requires no document. Also, you need to provide just a little information and follow it with getting visa approval letter via email. Finally, you’ll get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport

For more information about Vietnam visa for Indians, please check out

Means of transportation 

The rate of motorbike riders is very high in Vietnam. Coming here, you will be amazed by the riding skill of Vietnamese people, however, foreigners shouldn’t try this vehicle if they can’t ride it because they can easily fall out.

Meanwhile, the riding skill of Vietnamese people can amaze you! However, foreigners shouldn’t try this vehicle if they can’t ride it because they can easily fall out.

The most popular transportations in big cities are the taxi along with “xe om,” which is a kind of motorbike taxi. Remember to ask the driver for the price first if you want to go by “xe om”, you can also bargain to get the cheaper price. Then if you are familiar with the road here, a bicycle or driving motorbike by yourself can save a lot of money.

Another convenient transportation for you is a bus as for just only 2,000 VND, you can go everywhere from major to minor destinations.

Difficulty in learning Vietnamese

Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam and is also the common language for ethnic minorities in Vietnam. In addition, there are over 1 million people using Vietnamese in the United States (ranked 7th nationwide, 3rd in Texas, 4th in Arkansas and Louisiana and 5th in California), as well as over 100,000 people in Canada and Australia (ranked 6th nationwide).

According to many people, Vietnamese isn’t easy to pick up. Indeed, with eight tones and eleven distinct vowel sounds, it’s nearly impossible to learn this language quickly. However, the number of Vietnamese people can speak English in Vietnam has been increased recently. Instead of willing to learn a complicated language, English should be your first pick.


A consequence of rapid development and the amount of wealthy tourist is an increase in petty crime. You can do some safety tips such as:

  • Keep your money and passport in somewhere safe. Do not bring too many important things when going outside.
  • Leave your expensive electronic devices at home. However, remember to check if your home whether safe or not.
  • Don’t suit yourself too fancy, this will attract the crime.
  • Do neither receive any package of anyone nor talk to them, the crime of criminals is becoming more and more sophisticated.
  • If you are a student wanting to get a job, do not pay any fees when applying for it


Honestly, it is very difficult to distinguish the cash in Vietnam, because it has too many zeros. Due to the lack of experience, people often get confused between 10,000 VND and 100,000 VND sheets. So you should remember the color of the money, instead of trying to read its denomination. Buying a bag belt or other hidden bag also help you to carry your cash. Moreover, when traveling in the city by taxi, you should check the map in case the driver drive you farther for more fee. Ask them about the currency for paying, some taxi driver asks the foreigner to pay them dollar instead of VND.


Vietnam is a developing country so weak infrastructure is inevitable, especially housing, health, transportation, and education. It is still in the process of being invested and developed. Foreigners who have always wanted work or study in Vietnam have always faced these non-simple problems.

Although there are many weaknesses mentioned above, Vietnam is still a country worth living. In the progress of international integration, Vietnam is a country full of potential, rapid economic development. Moreover, this is a beautiful country that is extremely favored by nature, people are sociable and friendly.

One more thing important: for those who want to find more details about accommodation in Vietnam have a look at


The weather in Southern and Northern Vietnam is quite different. The Northern is considered “sub-tropical” and has four distinct seasons. Rain is most frequent in the late summer and autumn from August to November. Meanwhile, Southern Vietnam has a tropical climate which has high temperature nearly all year round.  Because of that, preparing clothes suitable for your destination is very important.


Unlike others country, people here really like to bargain. It may be weird to argue with someone at the market only for a few cents, but it is expected. Imagine about winning in bargaining with a seller, what a wonderful and funny experience. Furthermore, it is another way to practice Vietnamese so why don’t you try this!

Vietnamese culture

Vietnam history wasn’t about the development of technology or science, it is about the war and the bravery of the Vietnamese against the colonialism. Many years passed, however, the damage the war left is still remained until now. Nowadays, there are many historical destinations still reserved to welcome visitors to come to learn more about this brave country.

But due to the development of the country, Vietnam becomes more modern and modern. The new generation now is getting over the painful war and moving on for a bright future. You can easily start a conversation about pop music or iPhone rather than war and history.

Besides the painful history, Vietnam also a tourist country with a large number of famous travel destinations of both natural scenery and artificial building. Some can be listed are Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi the capital, Sapa, etc. If you have a chance for Vietnam to live for a quite long period, why don’t you visit those place several times? It’s will be your unforgettable memories.

Along with the beautiful destination is a lot of festivals. Do you know that Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups of people? They are the Kinh and other 53 ethnic minority (Cham, Dao, Thai, Tay, etc.). Due to that, nearly every day in Vietnam, there will be a festival or ceremony held. Tet is considered the most important festival in Vietnam which is usually in February. Blossom’s always the specialty of Tet, every family often bring a pot of blossom to decorate their house and watch the firework together at the moment of year changes. They usually wish each other good luck and having dinner among family and relatives

What to bring and what to leave at home

In addition to climate-appropriate clothing, here are a few must-haves for your trip:

–    Rubber flip flops (ideal footwear for tropical rain)

–    Insect repellent and sunscreen

–    A good book (English language books are available, though the selection is limited and most are poor-quality photocopies of the originals)

Don’t overpack though! Here are a few items that you should leave behind:

–    Expensive electronics: If you don’t absolutely need your smartphone, don’t pack it. The risk of losing it (see below) isn’t worth the fun of playing Angry Birds at the airport.

–    Choose clothes according to your upcoming destination. If you’re going to Southern Vietnam, you shouldn’t bring a warm coach or scarf. If your destination is Northern Vietnam, remember to bring warm clothes and also thin clothes because of the high thermal range between day and night

Hope this information will be useful for your coming time in as far a foreign land as in Vietnam. Please make sure that you prepare well and have no difficulty starting a new life in Vietnam.

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