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Top 4 Editing, and Grammar Help Apps

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Regardless of your prowess in writing, you are bound to make some errors when preparing content. As a result, you may end up losing credits or appearing unprofessional. With grammar checking tools, however, you can quickly correct the grammar and punctuation of your content thus ensuring it is of high quality. This is the first step towards your search for editing, and grammar help apps.

With editing assistance, you get to achieve the tone required for various content thus coming out as a professional. However, with many options in the market, choosing the right one may seem impossible. Also, one man’s remedy is not the ideal treatment for the other’s predicament.

To ensure that you have more in-depth insight into editing help apps online, we scrutinized the best grammar checking tools for you. However, if you are looking for help with essays, ensure you seek professional assistance with writing papers.

So, what are the best grammar editing tools?


For free grammar editing service, Hemmingway does an excellent job. Apart from showing you the grammatical errors in your text, hemming way offers suggestions and shows possible words to omit.

If you often find yourself using the passive voice, this tool helps in ensuring you rid your content of this. Also, Hemmingway comes with an inbuilt readability checker that shows areas you would improve on. As a result, you get to deliver sound content that is easily readable by any audience.

To use this editing, and grammar help tool, copy your content and paste it on their platform. Since it is free, this proves to be the best editing tool for students and bloggers under a tight budget.

Grammar lookup

With other free grammar checkers online, there is always a word count limit. For grammar lookup, you can check as many words as you wish. This removes the tedious task of copying bits of your work and proofreading each.

Also, this editing, and grammar help tool is easy to use and thus ensuring that you correct your work quickly. This ensures that you correct plenty of assignments within a short duration of time, therefore, meeting deadlines.


Among the grammar editing apps that have made a vast improvement in the field is WhiteSmoke. This can be integrated with Microsoft Word and Microsoft outlook, therefore, ensuring that your content is always accurate.

Unlike its counterparts, this grammar checker not only pinpoints mistakes and suggests improvements but also guide on why various issues are wrong. This ensures that you avoid future occurrences of similar error and learn how to improve your grammar.

To ensure that you are always up to date with trends in the field, the grammar checker is frequently updated. As a result, you get to avoid overly used terms and adopt better colloquialisms thus boasting of proper language.

To ensure that you stand out and avoid cases of copyright infringement, this tool comes with a plagiarism checker that checks the originality of work. In the case of plagiarism, the app shows the instances of plagiarism, therefore, letting you fix the errors.

Even better, it takes a cheaper amount to upgrade this editing, and grammar help tool to premium, therefore, ensuring you don’t spend surpass amounts of money. As a result, this stands out as the best grammar checking tool.


Perhaps the most known grammar app in the market is Grammarly. Like the former, Grammarly can be integrated with various desktop apps and platforms to keep your grammar in check.  Unlike its counterparts, Grammarly caters for a wide array of errors, therefore, ensuring you deliver content of sound grammar.

Also, this editing, and grammar help tool comes with a plagiarism checker that ensures your articles are original. Given the services it offers, upgrading to premium can be costly. However, if you are looking for a grammar editing app that caters for all things, it is only necessary to use Grammarly.

To buff your content so that it showcases professionalism, using editing help apps is only necessary. However, if you are looking to have your paper written from scratch, it is imperative that you consult professional custom writers.

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