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Top 5 Courses for You That Can Boost Your Careers

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Greatly Boost Chances for Improving Your Career

The 20s is a time when you can shape your future. You are fresh in college or just out of it, you have started a new job or finding one. The 20s is the time when you can make use of most of your leisure. Consequently, these things add value to your resume and your personality and ultimately boost your careers.

As has been always, the world offers endless possibilities to those who want to push hard. It proves to be a mine of riches for those who step out of their comfort zone. Inarguably, it is a boon for the one carving a niche for themselves.

And hence, it is extremely important for students to utilize the time at their disposal expanding their personal horizons. Reading good books and blogs, watching meaningful visual content, traveling are a few ways where students can invest their time. Also, one of these ways is to undertake short courses that can prep you for your career. Moreover, such courses make you stand out amongst your peers.

Hottest Job Trends

Furthermore, these courses are not specific to any field. They can be pursued by students from all streams to boost their careers.  These courses can also be a great way to boost your student CV if you want to study abroad.

Check out the top 5 courses that can help boost your career:

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is one of the most powerful tools ever made for working professionals. And no matter what field you are working on, proficiency in MS Excel is essential. Moreover, the tool is extremely comprehensive and the courses available are from beginner to master levels. Furthermore, this course can prep you to organize and analyze data, transform and modify it for various operations. It also readies you to present it in forms of tables, graphs, charts and pie diagrams for better understanding. Therefore, all companies, however big or small, heavily depend on MS Excel. And for this reason, they prefer a candidate who has hands-on expertise on the same.

Business Communication

Communication is crucial in every job, no matter what the profile is. Having a deep insight into business communication adds to your resume. Moreover, it helps you to communicate yourself effectively in interviews as well as in business pitches. Business Communication courses let you experience the different forms of communication. They also let you experience the right way to do it. For this reason, oral communication and email communication are the major points around which these courses are designed. Therefore, effective business communication can help you stand out in interviews, group discussions, team meetings and communication with clients.

Social Media Marketing

The world is now on the web and having an online presence has become crucial for all businesses and companies. Social Media Marketing is a key to escalate business online and having expertise on this high-demand; ever-growing skill can help freshers to land up with a great job opportunity. Social media marketing courses include email marketing, marketing of products on various social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For years to come, candidates with social media marketing expertise have a bright career to look forward to!


A key element that contributes to the online presence of any company is its visual appearance. For websites, having a great design is essential for better user experience. For social media marketers, content creators and bloggers, having excellent creative visuals is an add-on. A course in Adobe Photoshop can enhance your resume, opening countless job as well as freelance opportunities. The courses are available for different specifications and students can pick the course that suits their field of education or interest. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the most preferred courses by both candidates and employers.

The Soft Skills That Help Do the Hard Jobs

Six Sigma

Designed to enhance the quality and performance of any product, process or service, a six sigma certification is one of the most sought-after courses across the world. Implementing data-driven and statistical approaches, Six Sigma is a technique used by companies all across the globe to improve their efficiency of production and processes, making it a key contributor to the growth of the company. Manufacturing, Finance, Engineering and construction, healthcare and supply chain are the top industries which depend heavily on this technique. Six Sigma Certification is available in various belts- Yellow/Green Belt, Brown/Black Belt, and Black Belt. Having pursued this certification can be a game-changer for your career path.

These courses and certifications are available at a myriad of institutes, both online and offline. Pursuing them with your graduation or immediately after it can offer an excellent pace to your career. Pursue any of these above –mentioned courses and it can also contribute to your application for studying abroad.

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