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Top 5 Reasons To Pick A RICS Accredited Degree Over A Certification Course

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India, in keeping up with the world in the sphere of the built environment, has a few excellent institutes/colleges that offer this techno-managerial education in the built environment sector. However, amidst the pool of certifications, diplomas, and other degrees that many institutes provide, it is a RICS-accredited degree that provides the highest value. In India, the RICS School of Built Environment is the only institution that offers this specialized degree. There are some reputable colleges like NICMAR that also provide a robust techno-managerial education. Still, they lack in the aspect of offering a full-fledged degree by providing mere certifications.

In this article, let’s understand why a RICS-accredited degree has the edge over other qualifications

1.      You Will Earn A Higher Salary

As per an estimate, RICS qualified professionals earn more than their counterparts on average. One report claimed that those with a RICS qualification earn a base salary that is 21% higher than the others. This difference in wages reflects the fact that many aspirants consider RICS accreditations as having high values. This is more so when you compare it to others. It demonstrates that such individuals possess necessary prerequisites. These prerequisites are like professional expertise and the knowledge-sphere that one needs to have an excellent job on every project.

2.      It Will Prove Your Worth To Employers

Today, there is an exceptionally high demand for qualified and skilled professionals in the built environment sector. One of the most significant benefits of having a RICS-accredited degree is that it shows potential on your CV. Furthermore, it implies that you have the necessary knowledge to fill this skill gap in the industry. All RICS-accredited degrees have to comply with rigid professional standards. These are the criteria which outline the competencies, and technical expertise which one requires to become a member of RICS. Since the institution demands excellence, many consider the RICS qualifications as having ‘gold standard’ across the built environment industry. Moreover, many employers and recruiters today demand RICS accreditation.

3.      You Become A Part Of The Leading Professional Body

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK, is the most influential and leading body in the built environment industry. Many international/government bodies such as the World Bank, World Economic Forum, the United Nations, among others, seek its advice. It has over 130,000 members across 150 countries. Today, many recognize the letters MRICS, FRICS or AssocRICS one of the most sought-after professional qualifications in the industry. Once you attain a RICS-accredited degree, you have the esteemed opportunity to qualify for MRICS and take your career to the next level.

4.      You Attain The Highest Quality Of Education

Today, many consider a degree accredited by RICS as synonymous with the highest quality of education. They acknowledge it as benchmarked as per the international teaching and education standards. Globally, RICS has accredited over 600 specialized built environment courses at reputed universities. Some of these universities are like Heriot-Watt, Columbia University, and Lincoln University etc. In India, the RICS School of Built Environment is the only institution that offers RICS-accredited degrees in undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs.

5.      You Are Recognized Around The World

We have already established how a RICS-accredited degree is recognized around the world. Owing to this, you will have the advantage to build a career in any part around the globe. Whether you want to stay in South West to advance in infrastructure or work tax-free in the GCC member states, this accredited degree is your passport to roam around the world.

That is not all. If you’re seeking the status of a chartered surveyor, this degree will help you move quickly to that position. Being chartered demonstrates to clients and colleagues that you work to the highest level of standards in the industry. These were just a few of a myriad of advantages that you can get with a degree accredited by RICS instead of going for certification. Now the question is: Are you making the smarter choice?

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