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Top 6 Online CAT Coaching for Management Exam Preparation

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” CAT has turned many lives and will continue to do so. Online CAT coaching is one economic way. ”

With the advent of mobile technology, the old thought of CAT coaching being confined to a room has changed. It has given way to the ease of mobile gadgets. Imagine taking a class without the barrier of timing. This is a cool feature that goes with Web portals of Online CAT coaching. Preparing with online CAT coaching is for the ones who struggle to find a way to match the timings of the physical classrooms due to their busy schedule. The question arises what all options do we have for online CAT coaching? That’s where we help you. With our thorough study, we present to you, some of the best names in the online CAT coaching market. We hope that it gets you better results within designated time. Following online CAT coaching portals are specifically for Common Admission Test (CAT) for the different business programs in the country.

1. iQuanta

The first of our online coaching portals for CAT, house features that are enviable for many of their counterparts. From hosting live FaceBook event sessions for providing tips to the CAT aspirants (for which the credit goes solely to them, in India) to guiding through conceptual videos and carrying out interactive sessions section wise, the iQuanta people really lead the sphere. Moreover, from having 100+ students securing admission into Category 1 B-Schools to 120 students making it into IIMs in CAT’17 season to 40 Converts from IIM A,B,C, L & XLRI, iQuanta is the most recent disruptive phenomenon in the sphere of CAT online coaching.

Key Features:

  • The coaching is provided under the able guidance of Mr. Indrajeet Singh, the ‘Wizard of Quant’
  • Reasonable fee-structure, with charges ranging from Rs. 699/- up to Rs. 16,999/-.
  • Section-specific study programs that cover portions of QA, LR & DI, VARC individually, and collectively, both.
  • Conduct of classes through Facebook facilitating your CAT preparation from anywhere and anytime
  • The online institute that boasts of having more than 100 students getting 97+ %iles, 40 students getting 99+ %iles along with two 100%ilers


From Rs. 699/- up to Rs. 16,999/-


The TestFunda – our next online CAT coaching grabs attention at once. It has contents that are currently being used across thousands of schools and colleges in North America. On that note, one may really think of relying on the quality of content which the TestFunda, the online CAT coaching is providing and preparing. The core team also comprises of IITs/IIMs alumni. This online CAT coaching also features low-bandwidth and power-cut friendly mock-tests. These are a boon for unreliable parts of the country where the power-cuts are frequent. The percentile and analysis report scores are real-time. Many success stories have been made there. This online CAT coaching also runs a blog. The blog presents the do’s and don’ts and other fun things to experience as an MBA. This proves to be a stress buster. The study material has 3 options i.e. Online, CD and Print.

Special Features:

Their course offers:

  • Online Theory learning for CAT
  • Online All India Mock Tests for CAT
  • Full-length national level test series for CAT
  • CAT skill builder – Complete theory material for CAT
  • Rank Booster – Online Question bank of 12000+ questions for CAT


Rs. 7,500/- to Rs. 9,999/-


Mindworkzz is another online CAT coaching. It believes that even if a student is learning the CAT course online, the classes should still be interactive. This online CAT coaching utilizes webinar technology which gives you the feeling of a live class. What that implies is, you can ask questions right away in the class via a live chat – be it textual or oral. For the learner, this clears the doubt at the very instant as the question generates in his/her mind. If you don’t find this doubt clearing option helpful, don’t worry. You still have WhatsApp and Facebook groups for the same as well. In addition, there are 2 days assigned specially for doubt clearance. Study materials are provided in print. The faculty of this online CAT coaching is said to be associated with Tata McGraw Hill publications. So, you can expect high-quality content. This online CAT coaching offers 1 demo class for the pupils to experience what they have to offer. Having it, you can finally take a well-determined decision for the CAT.

Online Comprehensive CAT:

  • Over 85 live online sessions of two hours each
  • A set of 12 printed books written by Meenakshi Upadhyay and Arun Sharma
  • 20 full-length Mock CATs and 10 tests on other exams
  • 10 Arun Sharma’s CAT challenges
  • 100 sectional tests including chapter wise tests
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions by the online CAT coaching


Rs. 29,700/-


CareerLauncher – the online CAT coaching is a rapidly growing brand leading to numerous acquisitions. CareerLauncher offers preparation via 2 online courses – 1. CAT Night Classes 2. Smart CAT Cracker(SCC). The former is a live course and the latter is a video series. SCC has a collection of 275+ video that is cognitively designed to make the student percept the CAT lectures interesting. Another feature of this online CAT coaching is the TestGym. It is a question bank of more than 7500 practice questions and TestSeries consisting of mock tests. It is a matter of fact that 1 out of every 4 of the subscribers of this online CAT coaching, bags at least one IIM Call.

SMART CAT cracker:

  • 240 video lessons by Gautam Puri
  • 1600 questions solved in detail to revise concepts
  • Mock tests and test gym
  • Study material by the online CAT coaching


Rs. 17,999/- to Rs. 24,224/-



A well-defined and easy to find-layout of TCYONLINE – another renowned online CAT coaching, is quite easy to work with. Big educational players like ETS, IDP, British Council, HTCampus partners with TCYONLINE. It’s obvious that the content is authentic. The price at which students avail this online CAT coaching is attractive and nominal. However, for TCY analytics which is a recommend, you need to spend a little more money. A special feature of this online CAT coaching is the Challenge Zone. Here you end up challenging community members over different questionnaires. It pushes your CAT competitive spirit to its limits. So, if you possess a straightforward approach, TCYONLINE is the dream online CAT coaching for you.

Online CAT Preparation:

  • Chapter-wise notes – videos and text
  • 50 Sectional, 300 topic-wise and 16 CAT mock tests
  • Analytics support for all concepts by this online CAT coaching
  • Three packages – Trial pack, CAT-a-log premium and CAT -a-log basic or you can choose monthly and weekend packages


Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1,800/-


HANDAKAFUNDA is the online CAT coaching which is result oriented. It contains regular features like 750+ videos, test-series and doubt clearance CAT classes. An additive feature is that Handa Sir can be found on the online social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. This way, students can get in touch directly with the faculty for clearing their doubts anytime. The online coaching claims to incorporate new changes in Test Series as soon as they show up in CAT. But the blog of this online CAT coaching is very monotonous. Here you only find things that are known for CAT only.

Online CAT Preparation:

  • 750+ CAT tutorials covering the syllabus
  • 10 full-length mock tests
  • PDFs, articles, and questions for CAT preparation online
  • Three packages – Basic, Combo and MBA prep


Rs. 1,499/- to Rs. 9,999/-


There is a piece of advice, before enrolling in any of the Online CAT Coaching. A prerequisite is that you must already have a rough idea of what an MBA does. A self-driven inspirational force is necessary because web portals lack physical guidance which acts as a rigorous motivation. But for a self-driven aspirant, then online CAT coaching proves to be a better option than a traditional physical classroom. It lets you explore the possibilities of study materials, blogs, time-flexibility, fun-facts, current affairs of the corporate world etc.

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