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Top 6 Secrets of Highly Graded College Paper

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You are going to be spending a lot of time on your college paper. Therefore, you probably want to ensure that you can score yourself the highest grade possible. This is easier said than done. This is why we have put together this page. We want to share 6 little secrets that will increase your chances of handing in an awesome paper.

Prepare yourself for editing

There are a lot of people who produce a college paper who simply don’t think of editing. They hammer something out, give it a quick read through then hand it in. This may get a good grade, but you are never going to get a fantastic grade.

The best college papers are written by people who are prepared to be ruthless with their work. They are willing to trim out ideas. They are willing to expand on other ideas in their paper. You may rewrite your college paper two or three times before it is in a position where it is good for tidying up a little.

Remember; a lot of the grade on a paper actually comes from grammar. Make sure your paper reads well during the editing process.

Prepare an outline for your writing

You shouldn’t just jump into writing a paper. You need to plan exactly what you want to write. This is actually ridiculously important because notes like this can ensure that you stay on topic. There is nothing worse than just diving into writing something only to discover that what you have written doesn’t stay on task at all.

It is likely that you will be able to put together a basic outline when you are doing the initial research for your college paper.

Do a lot of research

Seriously. We mean a lot of it. Discover as much as you can that is relevant to the essay topic. You may not even use it all, but it is good to have the information to hand. Obviously, make sure that you are writing down exactly where you sourced the information from. You may need to put together a bibliography for your college paper.

Don’t just highlight pages of your book. You need to physically write down your research onto paper (this means not only a computer!) because it will make sure the ideas go into your head. It may also spur on slightly different ways to think about the topic.

When you research properly, you may even pick up on ideas that were not highlighted in class, and this is going to be important for showing that you understand the subject matter. This leads to better grades.

A great example of the properly conducted research is this CustomWritings review, written by the author of the blog.

Do not start with the introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to prepare the reader for what is ahead in the paper. You can’t possibly write an introduction before you have written everything else. Your introduction should come last.

Remember; the introduction is only going to be a small piece of text, but it needs to be absolutely perfect. It needs to be good enough to pull the reader in and show that your essay is worth reading. Spend a lot of time on the introduction.

The same would go for the conclusion. Spend a bit of time on it. It is the last chance you really have to ‘wow’ the reader. It may help to cement that A+ grade.

Keep your writing simple

Many people seem to believe that college essays should be packed to the brim with long and complicated words. Just to show that you are smart. They shouldn’t. College essays need to convey the subject matter in the simplest way possible. Use smaller words. Use shorter sentences. Don’t make anything too convoluted. The more convoluted you make what you write, the more chance there is of being misunderstandings, and the lower the chance of a good grade is.

Give yourself enough time to write the essay

You should start writing your essay a couple of weeks before it is due. Don’t fall into the trap of giving yourself a couple of days to write it. This is nowhere near enough time to do the research that you need. There is nowhere near enough time to put your essay through editing. You should have finished writing your first draft with 1.5 weeks to spare. You can then use the rest of the time to bulk your essay out and make it that much more exciting for you to read.

Honestly; if you follow these tips, you are going to be most of the way towards writing a quality essay that will score you the best marks. In fact, the research is probably the most important part here. You get the right information in place, and everything else will fall together.

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Shubham likes to write about various educational and tech updates. In free time he likes to spend time in nature and exploring the forests. less

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