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Top 7 Preparation Tips for NATA Entrance Exam

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For admission to undergraduate courses in Architecture offered by an architectural college in India, the aspiring students have to qualify the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), conducted by National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA). The performance of students in this exam makes them eligible to apply in indifferent Government, Govt. Aided and private colleges of Architecture. Also, the exam consists of two parts. One paper is paper-based and tests the student’s drawing ability while the second paper is online and includes questions to examine the student’s aesthetic sensitivity. Moreover, the exam is an evaluation of the drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability of a student. Furthermore, there are no negative marks for incorrect answers in NATA.

When preparing for the entrance exam, a student is faced by several uncertainties and queries. Therefore, here are some of the useful tips to prepare for NATA entrance exam:

1)    Understand the syllabus

Firstly, the step towards qualifying an exam is to know what you are likely to face in the question paper. The trick is to pay attention to key topics and cover the complete syllabus.

Meanwhile, talking about the exam, the paper-based drawing test asks a candidate to attempt two drawing questions in 90 minutes. Subsequently, marks are given on your drawing, understanding of scale and balance and sense of perceptive drawing.

Also, the online test can be broken into two parts. Part A consists of Maths based questions. The CBSE maths course book is a good source of knowledge for these questions. Part B of the online test consists of questions from general knowledge, logical and reasoning ability, common architectural terminology, etc.

2)    Unravel your creativity

Your creativity is the key to success in the field of architecture. Practice your sketches. Go for A4 size papers and understand your skills. Moreover, you can come up with original ideas and create a deeper insight into problem-solving skill. Similarly, you must learn to create 2 -D compositions and combine them with 3-D elements to form buildings and other structural forms. Also, the colors filled in the sketches should be able to create a visual harmony and give proportion to the elements of the drawing. Learn to draw with a light hand first, outlining the details and when satisfied with the proportions, you might go to finalize.

 3)    Learn time management

Poor time management can lead you to failure. Attempting every question is important. And, if you are unable to finish your drawing and attempt questions, you will lose marks. Hence, keep track of time and learn how to efficiently complete your exam. The easiest way to do so is by regular practice through mock tests.

4)    Find the correct guidance

Correct guidance can lead you to success. It is not always possible to gain knowledge through self-study. A student usually starts preparing for entrance tests from class XII and with so much to do they need a timetable and guidance to keep them in the right direction. Hence, a student can search for experienced guidance classes and enroll according to their future plans. Coaching institutes like Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio have been helping students qualify their NATA exam since more than 11+ years.

5)    Solve previous year papers

When you practice with past year question paper, you get a glimpse of what to expect in the exam. Moreover, they make you confident and give you an insight into your skills and understanding of the basic concepts.

6)    Find your motivation

Just like perfectly placed colors in a good drawing on paper, every element of your heart needs to be amplifying your urge to succeed. Motivation is the key to struggle and freedom. Therefore, finding the motivation within you grants you enthusiasm and enhances your creativity and willpower to succeed.

7)    Find good books and give them due time

When preparing for an exam, you need books that provide you with information and help you understand them. Meanwhile, some of the popular books for preparation of NATA entrance exam are Introduction to Probability and Its Applications, Architecture Entrance Book by P.K. Mishra, A Complete Self Study Guide for B. Arch Entrance Examinations by Arihant Books, and NATA/AIEE B.Arch. Question Bank.

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Anirudh Chatla

Nov 28, 2020

Thank You for sharing the very informative blog. It's easy to understand. It's about things you should not to do while preparing for NATA.

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