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Top Apps for Healthcare Management Students!

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The demand for good healthcare is increasing every year. Consequently, one predicts that, in the future, healthcare management will be one of the busiest professions in the world. Meanwhile, the latest statistics predict 17 % growth in the demand for healthcare management professionals by 2024. But the increased demand should not lead to sloppy service. Hence, it is very important for healthcare management students to hone their management skills. And hence, due to this, every healthcare application development company is in demand now.

Here are the best apps for healthcare management students to help them work more efficiently. Consequently, using these, they can progress in their education and career.


Firstly, Evernote is a great time management tool for healthcare management students. This application makes it easy to organize all of their assignments and projects. This is as thus, users can quickly find what they’re looking for. But this is not it. Evernote can help healthcare management students in many more other ways also:

  • Firstly, the students can use it to create notes through text, images, attachments, etc.
  • Secondly, medical students can even save time by searching for specific words/phrases in their notes in just a few seconds.
  • They can use it to store medical articles/blog posts/PDF’s for reading later.
  • Students can group multiple notebooks together.
  • With the help of Evernote, they can easily scan and search handwritten notes.
  • Next, the healthcare students even use the app to record lectures and talks. Consequently, this makes it an awesome tool.
  • Then, healthcare management students can easily manage their time using to-do lists and reminders.
  • Lastly, it is an amazing tool for collaborating and sharing information.


Firstly, MedCalX is a medical calculator that helps the healthcare management students to do their tasks quicker and more accurately. It gives them access to complex medical formulas, scales, scores, and classifications so that they get the information they need when time-sensitive situations arise. It is available in five languages and easily customizable.


Medical professionals and students have trusted Micromedex for more than 40 years. Presently, the entity as a resource, the users are using it as an app, in 80 countries across the world. This medical management app is one of the best solutions to their on-the-go medication management needs. Moreover, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals benefit the most from the app.

Thanks to a database consisting of more than 4,500 search terms, this app is a convenient single source of clinical information for healthcare professionals. This app which is a collection of many different drug databases contains the following information:

  • Generic and common trade names
  • Drug Dosage
  • Alternative medicine databases
  • Indications, contraindications, adverse effects of medicines and everything else healthcare professionals need to make safe and informed decisions.


As per “Whonamedit,” a dictionary of medical eponyms, more than 8,000 medical eponyms exist associated with the identification of various diseases and conditions. Keeping a track of all those eponyms can be difficult for the healthcare professionals already occupied with so many critical tasks. Eponym, the free Android app lets medical professionals browse and search thousands of common medical eponyms. The users can browse eponyms either by category or using the search feature.

It contains more than 1700 common and obscure medical eponyms with their detailed description. The app is constantly updated with new eponyms, making it a very useful resource for healthcare students.


Many students have described this app as the hidden gem of medical apps and it’s for a good reason. Available anytime, this app’s clinical and drug resources allow the healthcare management students to quickly and easily navigate clinical and drug information, find critical drug interactions, take and share notes with classmates and colleagues, and help improve patient care and medication safety. PEPID is available for all smartphones and mobile devices. While PEPID Elements is free, its Platinum version does require a subscription.


DailyRounds can be termed as the social network for healthcare professionals. Updated daily, this digital medical journal puts the latest clinical cases from med schools around the world at your fingertips. It presents relevant and well-curated clinical scenarios to the healthcare students for a unique and ongoing learning process. But that’s not the only feature this app provides, the healthcare management students can seek advice from others in their field and exchange tips and best practices.


This highly-rated app, which WebMD has developed, is a must-have for healthcare management students. Various users have downloaded it more than 10 million times by the world’s healthcare professionals due to the useful resources it provides. Here, one can find information related to the following spheres:

  • Latest medical news
  • Drug information and tools
  • Clinical procedures
  • Clinical presentations
  • Drug interactions
  • Treatment information and even continuing medical education courses.

All the information is constantly updated and enhanced with images and videos, making it a formidable resource for daily use in patient care.


Epocrates is a trusted medical reference app used by healthcare providers to make critical medical decisions, save time, and deliver patient-focused care. It has an extensive drug database which helps the healthcare professionals support their decisions in the moments of care. Although the app is free to use the premier version does cost some money.


Brainscape is a web and mobile best education platform for medical students which allows them to study adaptive flashcards. This helps them easily increase their active recall and metacognition. Harnessing the power of the scientifically-proven retention technique, this app helps the students to learn more easily and efficiently. Students can also make their own flashcards and share with others.


MediBabble is a free medical translation app that allows healthcare professionals to communicate the complex medical information to patients with great ease. It allows healthcare professionals to play medical history questions and instructions in a simple manner to the patients. It has many pre-translated medical questions and instructions in English, Spanish, Mandarin, German and other languages. The app can be used to support medical diagnosis and treatment for non-English speakers.


The DrChrono is a unique EHR (Electronic Health Record) app that has made patient care fast and simple. Healthcare professionals can use this app to provide better patient care. Using this app, patients can update their information in real-time and medical professionals can track their patients’ progress and send automated texts for appointments and checkups. Not just this, this app enables electronic medical billing and presents billing and other information to insurance companies.

When things get busy, the last thing you want to do is run around aimlessly. These apps will help the healthcare management students to stay organized and on top of their healthcare management career.

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