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Top IT Conferences in Canada for IT students for The Year 2019

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Every year thousands of the future IT specialists graduate from the universities and colleges. The first and most important thing they do after graduation is searching for the job of their dream. Job fairs and IT conferences are very popular events where you can possibly find opportunities for your future career. Therefore, we made a list of some top IT conferences in Canada for IT students for the year 2019. These conferences can be beneficial for you in terms of your professional development.


The organizers have dedicated this conference to the development of IT products in the automotive sphere. It serves as a home for more than a dozen car producers, who search for innovative solutions. This also includes the representation of different products that refer not only to the automotive industry. You can also expose robots, programs and other IT-related things to the public as well. The conference will take place in Toronto, 20-23 May 2019 in Enercare Centre.

Do you have an interest in big data? If yes – this conference is what you need. The organizers are going to hold this event in the Evercare data center. The event gathers scientists from all over the world, who are the experts in big data analysis, hacking, engineering, etc. In case you have an interest, you can visit this splendid event on 20-23 of May 2019. This is a very informative event that can help many students from college to get new information in this fast developing industry.

Digital Media at the Crossroads

If you have an interest in the future of digital media and its content this event is exactly what you need. The authorities are holding this event from 23-26 January 2019. The conference is a platform for the graduates to present their works and thoughts in digital marketing and media technologies.

1st Workshop on Evaluation and Experimental Design in Data Mining and Machine Learning

The issues that the audience will discuss at this conference include benchmark databases for tasks of data mining and qualitative evaluation. Moreover, the conference will discuss upon impact of data quality on data mining, unsupervised data mining, and its estimation. Similarly, the audience will debate upon the crowd-sourced evaluation designs and many more of such issues. You can send your thesis there until 15 February. It is important if you write your own views on the issue, nevertheless, maybe some essays for sale online may help you to get there. This education conference will take place in Calgary on 01-05 May 2019.

CGI’19: Computer Graphics International 2019

The Computer Graphics Society has arranged this conference. Many consider the conference as one of the most important events in Canada and the world. This venue gathers the best specialists in the sphere of computer graphics. It gives the stage for sharing the ideas in rendering and volume techniques, shape and surface modeling, geometric modeling, etc. It will take place in Alberta on 17-20 June 2019.

6th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems 

You may want to become a developer of mobile apps or you may have your own product to present. Therefore, you can visit this gathering of specialists in mobile applications in Montreal. The authorities will hold the event from 25-26 May 2019.

Gender Equality in Software Engineering

Lately, many consider the topic of gender equality in the IT sphere as one of the most discussed issues. You may want to express your opinion on the scientific level regarding the situation with inequality in Software engineering. The conference, therefore, is open for you in Montreal on 28 May 2019.

6th International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice

Organized by CESI, this event will look up into the possible connection between SE research and industry. This is dedicated to the well-known conflict between theoretical and practical fields. Practitioners are well known for their accusations that researchers do not want to share their results. They also blame them to strive to find the solutions for the long-distance problems, but not the actual ones. In turn, researches are not fond of providing short-term solutions for the practice. The connection between CESI and SER&IP in 2019 tries to find the common points for each position and develop the trend of data-driven approach in the empirical studies. The topics of the venue are the following: business models collaboration between research and practice; challenges and pitfalls of the adoption of the research; tools for industry; data analysis in service, etc. The conference will be held in Montreal on 28 May 2019.

If you want to get more conferences on Information Technology at once and you have a limited amount of time, you can use some valuable resources that can you more information on several events. One of them is Collision, which has more than a dozen of different events going on in May and it offers one ticket to all of them which is quite convenient if you want to save some money.

All in all, if you are interested in any of these events – apply as soon as possible so you can enjoy the atmosphere and be in the middle of the progress.

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