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Types of Life Experience Degree Programs

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Types of Life Experience Degree Programs

Many students who couldn’t continue their education can still have an amazing career and earn a college degree. If they have some professional experience and knowledge, they can apply to get work/ life experience degree. This program allows them to earn college credit for their life experience. It not just saves their valuable time, and money, but also the effort required by them in the long run.

If you are one of the candidates who want to track their education, we are sharing these popular tips to apply for an online life experience degree accredited.

  1. Work Experience

When you have been in an industry for a long period, you acquire a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. These skills could help you in pursuing a degree in related field as well as meet a certain learning program’s requirements. All that it requires is to prepare a document explaining how your experience may apply towards a specific degree program.

The main aim of this program is to earn credits for work experience. Relevant documents which could prove your work experience is therefore necessary. You must be able to prove that you are capable of holding down a job and have valuable skills which you have learned at your job.

  1. Life Experience:

Many candidates acquire many competencies through their core curriculum requirements or as a part of any community organization, business, book writing etc. In such instances, you can leverage your individual experience and are highly recommended for life experience degree if meeting the requirements.

Similar to work experience, you need to maintain a portfolio describing your past experience. It must explain your knowledge corresponding to specific learning outcomes of your degree program. You should be able to demonstrate your concepts, principles, and theories which you have learnt and relate them to learning outcomes. It gets more impressive when you explain their practical application in future.

  1. Military Training and Experience:

Many military friendly colleges are recognized for offering life experience degrees to military personnel. Those who have gained tremendous experience through officer training school, basic training, boot camps, and many other courses can apply for this degree. For those who are serving their homeland actively, military training helps them to complete a degree much faster than regular students without going back to school.

  1. National Testing Program

At last, the final option for earning life experience degree includes national testing program. You may need to understand your school’s transfer policies particularly, for which you’ll be able to apply for life experience degree online. Talk to your advisor at school to know if you are able to apply for a non-traditional college credit.

Advantage after Getting a Life Experience Degree:

  • Advantage when considered for bonuses, promotions, and other benefits
  • Higher qualification for positions in upper management and would be placed ahead of many other applicants
  • Opportunity of commanding high wage or salary with higher salary
  • Fast track program to obtain a degree of your choice a lot quicker than the regular students.
  • An opportunity to impress employers with your credentials.
  • NO financial burden to support your education.

Final Thought

If a green behind the ears college student outpaces you, you must contemplate earning an online life experience degree. It is the time to get yourself valued and increase chances to earn more money. People with an experience for a couple of years may have gained a lot of skills but they get stuck at a stage where it requires a diploma or degree. Online education programs come handy in this situation. Colleges have introduced a lot of learning programs like life experience degree that allows you to trade in job skills, work experience, or job training sessions for college credits.

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