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Understanding EdTech

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Education has been a pillar of societal expectation and growth for as long as it has been around. This much is a given – especially in western civilizations around the world and even more so in the Eastern sector. It’s to the extent that it has become a running joke all over the internet. It’s that the biggest disappointment for an Asian father is to receive an A- on his child’s report card. For decades, education has remained one of the most traditional industries in the world over…until recently. Of course, traditional learning will always have a place in education. Yet, it has become more and more obvious in recent times that technology is fast becoming a necessary enhancement tool. This is both in the classroom and at home when students are completing their take-home schoolwork.

Introducing Modern Technology to a Traditional Industry

Already, the World was awaiting the introduction of technological disruption in the education industry. Still, it has thrown a spanner in the works. Many stakeholders claim reservations against the modernization of the industry. They question why an industry that was not performing any worse than it always had, would need modernization! However, it is less about the fact that education is “broken.” Conversely, it’s more about the reality that the rest of the world is modernizing in massive ways. Moreover, there is a need for practically every industry to follow suit, at least a little bit. This is for keeping up with the ways of the shifting world.

There has been discussion regarding how everything has moved forward while education has largely remained the same. We have traded in horses and carriages for cars and motors, open fires for electrical stovetops. Similarly, we run our banks differently, and the businessmen conduct business in a different manner. Still, the classroom has not changed for a hundred years.

Understanding Why Edtech Is so Fundamentally Important

It is no secret that students these days have grown up in a world that is positively immersed in and surrounded by technological advancement and digitalization. Kids these days grow up surrounded by it from all angles. Education technology is such an important step in modernizing the academic sector because it familiarises students to the learning process by allowing them to engage and learn in ways that mirror what they experience outside of the classroom. Additionally, it is also about preparing these students for a workforce that is growing exceedingly more digitally-driven.

It is no longer enough to read the latest and greatest trending technology blogs to keep up to date with the technological advancements and further innovations of the modern world. Students must be at least familiar with technologies if they are to succeed in the future workforce. This is the reality. EdTech (education technology) has been controversial, to say the least, but it is the perfect answer to education’s blooming need to modernize, and it has had a significantly positive impact even in its early stages.

Realizing That Edtech Will Now Forever Be Instrumental in the Learning Experience

It goes without saying that, much like the rest of the modern world, the academic sector has experienced a phenomenal growth of technological advancement and digitalization. Now, these ideals are as central to the modern education experience as learning the alphabet and numbers. The current position – and the future – of education is undeniably hinged on the fact that EdTech gives students the necessary enhancement tools and skills to be not only successful in their futures but excited about how they can further develop these talents and skills. EdTech is a blooming point of the topic, and it is changing the academic world from the ground up, in all the best ways.

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