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Unemployment: A raging issue in the Modern World

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Unemployment A raging issue in the Modern World

Unemployment is one of the many social evils that has been not letting humankind sleep peacefully for the past few decades, if not more. People have been going through hardships like never before as far as unemployment is concerned. Keeping the third world countries, or more acceptable speaking, the developing countries in mind, it has been a hard-hitting issue as far as the general society is concerned. People from both middle and lower-class section of the society are having trying times.

causes of unemployment

General troubles of Unemployed people

  • Meeting daily needs
  • Pension troubles keeping old age in mind
  • Poverty struck situations etc.
  • Unproductive engineering and other colleges that do not provide skill-based education.
  • The governments of such countries keep updating some schemes and benefits to take care of the unemployed section of the population, especially the youth of any country. Initiatives to skill and reskill people are important. Taking India as an example, it has been one of the biggest social evils the country has been handling for the past hundred years.
  • Employment in the hindsight can clear out a lot of troubles such as erratic behavior, crimes etc. People who focus on their respective jobs won’t have the time to go through the not-so-scenic route of creating ruckus anywhere.
  • However, the certain push or initiation for acquiring a certain job is what the unemployed youth need for their livelihood ahead in time. There are quite a few state governments in India who have planned on helping the same by launching Unemployment Allowance schemes. Unemployment Allowance is a sum of money that certain state governments deposit in the bank accounts of unemployed people. This money is given so that the particular family doesn’t fall into the zone of starvation and poverty. Even if this is a noble scheme, this doesn’t help much as far as the particular person is concerned. What they actually need to know is the information about the further job openings. Vacancies that might or will be created in due course of time.
  • The information about certain entrance examinations or walk-in-interview that will help the targeted people in acquiring knowledge. They will be able to attend the said test, thereby clearing it and getting hold of a job.
  • Taking an example of states like West Bengal, it has ample opportunities. However, local residents are not getting their due information on the latest job vacancies. This is probably why they are vacating their homes and migrating to other states in search of jobs.

Elements that help in curbing the Unemployment

This is where Karmasangsthan comes into play. The website specifically deals with dispersing information on latest jobs of different origins. For example, State Government jobs, Central Government jobs, Government-undertaking jobs, and Private jobs. With the sudden outburst of digitization and the use of the Internet, a solution is must for this unending problem. Specifically focused on the state of West Bengal, it provides ample data for the needy. Interested people from the said state can now log in to Karmasangsthan and know about next possible job vacancy. The detailed information on how to apply and the basic eligibility criteria for each recruitment drive. Knowing about a particular thing itself decreases the workload by half. Hence, they can easily carry forward and apply for their choice of jobs happily without much of a hassle.

The only thing that the aspirants need to tackle is to prepare for the same. If they are not well prepared, then there is a high chance that the job opportunity will be grabbed by others. Lastly, Karmosangsthan would just provide the initial burst to your wonderful journey It is up to the certain individual to drive themselves. The sky is the Limit!

Here is representation of How to Reduce Unemployment:

How to reduce unemployment

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