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Is University Really More About “Broadening Your Horizons” than Simply “Learning Stuff”

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Learning Stuff

The concept and the practice of learning in a University are quite contradictory. By the Concept University is about both learning stuff and broadening your horizon. But in practice, the case is hardly true or seen practically implemented. In most of the colleges and Universities in India especially, the students are more of trained than educated. From a very starting of education of a child in India, the child is trained in a specific manner so as he will land a good job. He is trained in a specific manner to fulfill the requirements of that job. The innovation and creativity of the student are hardly encouraged and appreciated. As a result hundreds of thousands of painters, writers, singers, dancers, and sportsmen are forced to take up more job and stability-oriented fields like Engineering and Medical or Government Job. As a matter of fact, this trend continues in the universities in India. The prime objective of education is employability.

The mindset of most of the people of India is that education is the primary and sole focus and it the only main contributor in the development of the student. The policy makers are too infected with this mindset. The main emphasis in the Universities of India is on the completion of the prescribed syllabus rather than learning stuff. Learning would be a kind word in this context; the most suitable word would be memorizing stuff. All the emphasis is on teaching the students what was taught 30 years back.

The extracurricular activities in the universities of India are virtually absent. We hardly see any athlete or artist coming out of our universities who prove himself on the international stage like most of the western countries. The infrastructure for extracurricular activities is either nonexistent or very poor as per standard. Instead of encouraging extracurricular activities in our universities, it is rather discouraged. The students are asked to concentrate on their studies. The clubs at the colleges are just for name sake and are very poorly organized. The funding of the clubs is also very limited.

Several important soft skills are mostly ignored and rarely if any, given importance. As a result, the students coming out of college even though having a good knowledge of the subject are unemployable. Many companies give training to the student before recruiting them for the job.

Innovation should be heavily encouraged. However having several programs for it, they are rarely implemented. The creativity and innovation of students are taken behind the curtain of CGPA.

One more important aspect is industry exposure. Students are given very little industry exposure during their college days. The emphasis is more on theoretical problems rather than the real life problems. The students are not exposed to the real life problems and field. The internship is also taken very lightly in the colleges.

Hence the students should broaden their mind along with learning stuff in Universities. More emphasis, however, should be given to increase your outer world interaction and tackling real life problem. The social and professional circles should be increased. The students should be free to explore his passion and pursue his interest. So, University is a bit of both broadening the horizon and learning stuff.

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