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Volunteering by conviction a way of life

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Many people volunteer by conviction, they like to work on this without receiving anything in return, these grants are given worldwide by collaborating with people in Africa and Asia.

This work is always non-profit to create a better society, nobody forces you to be either a volunteer or to perform this beautiful work, you must leave your heart as long as you have love in your heart to give as say the cooperatingvolunteers

There is a history of volunteering, rather as a historical anecdote, in 1859, the Swiss Jean-Henri Dunant witnessed the battle of Solferino between the Italians and the Austrian and Franco-Piedmontese army. The large number of wounded saturated the health services of the armies, and that caused a great impact on Dunant, who wrote a book entitled “A memory of Solferino about the battle.”

After this, he initiated a campaign to avoid these types of situations, something that ended up in the foundation of the International Red Cross, as a neutral health service in military conflicts. Dedicated to this humanitarian cause, it ended up ruined.

Volunteering is very important in the world, inviting more people to join this noble cause is not easy, there are those who confuse volunteering with something religious, but this is not an action that comes from the heart of the person I want to do it.

If it is true that many churches are the ones that care most about providing help, since it is very important for these religious people to help others. These helpful actions change the way you see the world.

Volunteering as part of an apprenticeship, volunteering by conviction.

Life is a constant learning, there are people who die and did not learn anything that life showed them, what matters most are material things, do not enjoy pleasant company or just enjoy the full satisfaction of having food on the table . This although it seems silly are things that not many people can enjoy.

In Africa hundreds of children die every day because of malnutrition, collaborating with them would be a way to achieve meaningful learning in life, getting people with that heart of volunteer by conviction is not very casual.

Being able to work to help those who need it most teaches you the silly but important things in life, teaches you that a smile and a glass of water can save the world.

The love we give to other people can also save the love, join a noble cause.

Voluntary by conviction or devotion?

Conviction is simply having the certainty of being sure of what you do, feel, think or believe, but devotion is the feeling of respect and admiration, inspired by dignity.

Feeling volunteer by conviction is very important since you immerse yourself in a universe of firm and sure thoughts that your help can improve society, feel the devotion of help to create that admiration for the people you help but also for the people with the that you work in this work.

Find an internal voice that tells you that you can help others, do not say the typical phrase “I don’t have time” there is always time to help the needy, just look inside yourself and you will see that there are a thousand ways to volunteer.

Helping young people, children and the elderly is a beautiful action and of anonymous heroes who fight for a better society to make progress, one day you will be rewarded with love, smiles and affection. Values are universal and are what can save the human being from such hatred and resentment that exists between ourselves.

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