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Web Hosting Requirements of Big Data Websites

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big data websites need bigger provisions

What are the different web hosting requirements for me or, what type of web hosting service do I need? It is one of the most asked questions on Google. Well, all the web hosting services allow you to make your site available over the internet by storing its data on their special computer. And this is always connected to the internet. But is it possible that one particular type of hosting service can fulfill the needs of all types of websites? No, it is not possible at all!

It is important to understand that not all the hosting services are designed to work equally. The answer to the question, “Which hosting service is going to work the best for me?” depends upon the purpose, traffic and the size of your site. In this article, we will speak about the hosting requirements of big data companies/websites and hosting solutions available for them. So, if you own a website having a big database you must stay with us till the end of this post. There is more to projecting a website over the internet, other than making ways for advertising for it.

Needs of a Big Data Website

Though it is difficult to predict the hosting requirements of a website in advance you should make sure that your provider is able to fulfill at least the basic requirements. Nevertheless, with any big data size website, you will need the following:

An SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a data file that attaches a cryptographic key to a company’s details. Thus, it enhances the security of their visitors. You can see it as a green seal at the link of the website. The certificate comprises of data files of your site that is sent to the browser every time your users access it. It activates the https protocol over port 443 and allows secure connections between the web server and the customer’s browser. It helps in protecting credit card transaction, login details and other sensitive information of users visiting your website. The certificate usually encrypts the sensitive information into codes that hackers can’t read. If you are running a big database site that includes the sensitive information you should look for a hosting provider that comes with an SSL Certificate.

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Dedicated IP

Any big database website that wants more stability, SEO benefits and less downtime must go for hosting service that supports dedicated IP. A dedicated IP gives you a unique internet address and lets you use SSL certificate.

Good Back up Support

Today, one of the biggest causes of data loss is hardware and system malfunctions. As an owner of a big database website, it should be your responsibility to keep your website’s data protected. Make sure the hosting service you choose offers the daily back up. You should be able to make a full backup of your databases and the FTP content any time.


It doesn’t matter how good your website is if it is not available for your users. We find that the basic hosting services are usually incompetent to provide 100% availability to big data websites.

For example, shared hosting that serves multiple sites at the same time, can’t provide constant availability to large database site. So, always look for a hosting service that guarantees 99.9% uptime. And also bear in mind to have it without breaking your bank!

Customer Support

Most webmasters do not see the importance of 24/7 support. A website with big data may require you to access customer support more frequently. So, make sure you have 24/7 access to the same.

Now, you know the hosting requirements of a large-sized database site. Let’s now find out the best hosting solutions for such websites.

Hosting Solutions for Big Data Websites

Dedicated Hosting

As the name indicates, in dedicated hosting you get a hosting server all for yourself, this hosting is considered a good option for the big leagues. Although this hosting type has various benefits it comes with a few downsides too.

But, the one biggest advantage of dedicated hosting is that it nullifies all the bad neighbor issues (those we usually see in a shared hosting environment). Since you are not sharing server resources with any other user no other users can cause security risks to your site. However, the biggest reason a large number of people don’t go for dedicated hosting is its high pricing. Renting a dedicated server is not affordable for budget-conscious companies. Its basic plan may start from $60 for a month and go all the way up to $350/mo. Another disadvantage of dedicated hosting is it is not easy for non-technical users to manage it single-handedly.

Virtual Private Server

If you’re one of those webmasters who can’t afford the cost of dedicated hosting, you may go for VPS hosting. It is an ideal hosting solution for big database sites. It gives you the features of a dedicated server and user-friendliness of a shared hosting provider altogether.

There is no dearth of hosting providers that offer reliable VPS hosting service at affordable price. Hostinger’s service is affordable too. Their basic shared hosting plan starts at $4.99 for a month and comes with features such as full root access, SSD disk drives, IPv6 Support, dedicated IP, and 100 MB/S Network. Some of the benefits of VPS server for big databases sites are:


Your website may be very big and it may be receiving a really huge traffic every day. But, if your server is not stable, your users will not be able to access your website and its content. VPS hosting is designed to offer better server stability. Moreover, you can scale up your server resources any time as per your website’s requirements.


Since you will get your own allotment of resources (RAM, server space) your users will relish faster load times.


There are many VPS providers that give you the liberty to choose the operating system and application you want to install on your server.

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Final Words

Running a big database site isn’t easy. They have some special requirements that only a power hosting service can fulfill. Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting are the two best options that can help you host such website quite easily. You may have special requirements and depending on those and the budget, you may go for any of them. If you have any query regarding the hosting service, you may leave your message in the following comment section.

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