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What Documents should be Attested While Applying for Study Visa for Dubai?

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Presently, as is with any nation, people getting the education and work in UAE need attestation from there. A lot of consultancy services help people with attestation. Most importantly, you need to start efforts for the attestation of educational and personal documents. Any failure in making your documents attested properly, consequently, will lead to the UAE authorities considering them as illegal. Furthermore, this will lead to no granting of the study/work visa to you.

These days attestation is very important, no matter whether you are admitting a kid in a school or want to go to any other country for graduation or work. The authorities in the UAE as well as all the countries the world over give much importance to document attestation. It is because this is the only way the authorities can legalize the documents. Only through this method, the authorities can let you use them in respective ways.

But, before jumping on to the requirements that ask for the attestation of your work and study visas in UAE, or any other country, for this matter, we shall try to answer the question ‘what is attestation?’

To begin with the definition, attestation is the technique of verifying the genuineness of a document and proclaiming its genuineness by fixing it with the signature of the corroborating personnel. Owing to this verification, the procedure asks for the deposition of original documents along with xerox copies of the same. You need to deposit these entities to the authorized officials for checking. Furthermore, these documents would also require the officials to stamp/sign on the guided area.

Requirements for Attestation from the UAE Embassy

Before submitting the document to the UAE embassy of that respective country, you need to follow a precaution. It is that you must effort for making the concerned officials attest your documents only by the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs of that country.

Here are some other requirements that you need to fulfill for attesting the documents for Dubai:

Firstly, School Certificates

They may be needing prior attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the copy of ID and passport of the applicant

Secondly, the Degree (Bachelors or Masters)

Bachelor’s or master’s degree requires prior attestation from MOFA along with the copy of ID and passport of the applicant

Then, the Marriage Certificate

The authorities will need concerned ID and passport copies of both the husband and wife. Moreover, they will also need their residence or work visa (husbands/wives).

And Finally, the Birth Certificate

ID and passport copies of parents and children along with the residence visa of father or mother.

Procedure to Follow

Here is a simple procedure to follow for UAE Certificate attestation

  1. Visit the relevant offices for the relevant documents depending upon where you live. You can submit your documents to the relevant office with the required fee.
  2. Arrange the fee in the currency accepted by the UAE embassy. UAE embassy accepts fees only in Dollars. So, you must pay the fee in dollars. Note that any note less than 5 dollars is not accepted
  3. The attestation period is very small in the country. It may hardly take from 1 to 2 days in order to attest the document. After attention from the required offices, the documents are sent to the UAE embassy. Time duration taken by the UAE Embassy may vary for different cases.

Make sure to follow the relevant provider for document attestation because if you don’t, your attestation may take very long to start. So, it would be important if you carry out each and everything in a proper manner.

If you find the process of attestation difficult, you can always take the help of attestation services. The attestation service providers know how to manage the documents and attest them.

There are a number of people who take attestation services in Dubai from different firms. The main reason behind it is that these firms have professionals working for them who know the nitty and gritty of attestation. That’s why they are the better options for getting things done in a relatively shorter time.

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