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What is music theory and why a piano student should learn it?

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Sight-reading, aural training, technique, and music theory are part and parcel of piano lessons. The private classes on Long Island help students learn these disciplines so that they can become an accomplished musician. Everything is a skill, and if you want, you can also work on these areas to enrich your learning. Of them, you can find music theory a bit difficult subject because of its dourness. With persistence and practice, you can, however, master it for sure under the tutelage of expert trainers. If you focus on this area of piano, your understanding of Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony will increase.  Consequently, you will be able to compose or play any tune with ease.

Exploring music theory in brief

It is that area of the piano music that introduces you to the significance of individual notes and their contribution to the entire piece together. Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Intervals are the four essential elements that connect notes, and that’s what music theory intends you to know.

Read from left to right, Intervals refer to the gap between pitches. You can play one note or more than one note at a time in the interval. Harmony consists of more than two notes, which you can call chords. You can read harmonic notes from the bottom to the top usually. Melody refers to the notes you read from left to right.

Sometimes, pupils get confused between harmonic and melodic chords because both of them are lines of a piece.  You can identify them quickly by reminding yourself that the top line is the Melody and bottom line, the Harmony. Another notable difference lay in their visual representation. The melodic line is mostly right hand (Treble Clef) dominant, while the harmonic line is left hand (Bass Clef). Harmony or chords give strength, support, and texture to Melody.

When you go for Long Island piano lessons, you will not just learn about these but scales, chords, key signatures, etc., also for a well-rounded knowledge.

Importance of learning music theory

Music theory gives you an insight into the musical structure. If you become familiar with it, playing, remembering, and learning the music will not be daunting. Your musical journey will become more exciting if you start enjoying it. There are many benefits to learning music theory.

Quicker reading and interpretation 

It allows you to discover and read a chord as a unit so that you can play music hassle-free. Going from one note to another can be a cumbersome and arduous process. You may not feel at ease while playing when following this method. But to be able to read a blocked, broken, or any other type of a chord can be a blessing.

Fluid performance

Long Island piano teachers can help you grasp music theory easily so that you can play your music freely. When you strike chords, you will realize that their progression, patterns, and finger techniques are quire predictable. If you practice chords and chord progression alone, you will come to notice that a significant part of the music follows simple chord progressions. As a result, you will get to look at the bigger picture of music instead of just chords, which, in turn, will give your music smooth continuity.

Creativity and experimentation

Those who can do improvisation in their piano music get lauded for their creative skills. You can also find yourself in awe of them. What gives them this advantage is their foundation in music theory. If you understand music theory well, you can improvise without any difficulty. You can make better use of modes, modulation, scales, and everything else because you know how chords and notes work.

It is undeniable that having a solid base in music theory can emancipate you from the written sheet music. You can make your music and sounds based on your knowledge.

Musical structure 

As such, songs and musical pieces may not be more than a string of notes for you. But when you understand music theory, you know they are chords leading to other chords. Your ability to discover and observe this trend can help you improve your musical knowledge in spades. You will not face any challenge while shifting from one piece to another.

From the above points, it becomes clear why you should have a ground in music theory. While they mainly harp on the technical benefits of knowing this discipline, you must also recognize that music theory can help you work with other musicians efficiently. Since all of you speak the universal language of music, you can communicate and make better music as a team. So, don’t hesitate to learn about music theory when you go to a Long Island piano course. The teacher will be more than happy to fulfill your desire as it shows your seriousness towards piano and music as a whole.

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